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Hannibal Season 3 Episode 7 picks up where Hannibal was sawing Will Graham's skull open. His act is interrupted by members of the Florence police that have been paid off by Mason Verger, who take Hannibal and Will, and leave Jack Crawford to be killed. Jack is rescued by Chiyo, who gives her the address of Mason Verger's ranch in Maryland.

At the farm, Mason explains that he plans to have Will's face transplanted onto his own in order to eat Hannibal. Mason also reveals to Margot that he kept her eggs after he forced the hysterectomy on her, and has a surrogate mother on the farm carrying their child. However, he does not reveal to Margot who that is.

Alana visits Will, confessing that she tried to use Mason to get to Hannibal before Will did, knowing that Will might not be able to resist following Hannibal.

Margot goes to visit Hannibal where he's tied, where he advises her to kill Mason Verger and blame him. Alana joins them, and releases Hannibal so that he can save Will's life. Alana and Margot find the surrogate, which turns out to be a sow. She is heatrbroken and furious when she finds that the baby inside is dead. 

Mason wakes up with someone else's face over his own, and is quickly confronted by Margot and Alana. They reveal that helped them get Mason's sperm while he was unconscious. With biological material that can make an heir to inherit the farm, Margot and Alana kill Mason.

Hannibal takes Will home, and Will decides to say goodbye to Hannibal, never wanting to see him again. However, Hannibal turns himself in to the FBI, so that Will would always know where he is.







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Hannibal Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Hannibal: Your people might have assassinated me in Florence, Mason.
Mason: Where's the fun in that?

They are identically different, Hannibal and Will.