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On Hannibal Season 3 Episode 3, Will Graham makes his way to Hannibal Lecter's childhood home in Lithuania. The grounds seem abandoned, but then he spies a woman hunting. He makes his way into the house, where he discovers a basement in which a man is being held captive in a cage.

The woman, whose name is Chiyo, finds Will in the house and forces him to leave at gunpoint, but he manages to lower her defenses by showing her the scars Hannibal has left him with. Over dinner, Chiyo tells Will that she has stayed at the Lecter estate since Hannibal left, in order to keep the prisoner alive.

In the past, Hannibal had told her that the prisoner was responsible for the death of Hannibal's sister, Mischa. He had wanted to kill the prisoner, but Chiyo hadn't wanted that, so she took responsibility for his life. Chiyo had been keeping the man alive in the cage since then.

Will releases the man in the cage and tells him to go. However, the man returns to the cage and lies in wait for Chiyo. He tries to kill her, but Chiyo manages to defend herself and kills him instead. Now free from her responsibility, she decides to join Will in his search for Hannibal. Will strings the dead man up like a firefly.

In Italy, Hannibal, still posing as Dr. Fell, has invited Professor Soglioto over for dinner with him and Bedelia. They discuss Hannibal's position as curator at the library, but Hannibal quickly kills him with some inadvertent help from Bedelia. Bedelia discusses his feelings regarding Will, and Hannibal resolves to eat Will.

Jack Crawford arrives in Italy, and is working with Inspector Pazzi. He tells Pazzi that he is in Italy in order to save Will Graham.

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Hannibal Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Screams fill some of those places, but the corridors do not echo screaming.


Bedelia: Forgiveness is too great and difficult for one person. It requires two. A betrayer and a betrayed. Which one are you?
Hannibal: I'm vague on those details.
Bedelia: Betrayal and forgiveness are best seen as something akin to falling in love.
Hannibal: You cannot control with respect to whom you fall in love.