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On Hannibal Season 3 Episode 4, Dr. Frederick Chilton is alive and well, and visits Mason Verger.  Mason reveals that he has put out a one million dollar reward for the capture of Hannibal Lecter.  Chilton offers to help, but Verger decides that he wants someone else's help, not trusting Chilton.

Chilton also goes to visit Will in the hospital when he awakes after Hannibal's massacre. He also tries to offer his help to Will, but as Mason did, Will figures that Chilton only wants to help so that he can get Hannibal into his psychiatric hospital. Will refuses.

Jack goes to see Will at his house, and they discuss the events of that night. Will discloses that he called Hannibal to warn him because he cared about Hannibal as a friend and wanted him to escape.

Chilton pays a visit to Alana Bloom in the hospital, also asking for her help. However, he seems to want to help Will rather than capture Hannibal.  Alana agrees to help.  She goes to Hannibal's house and runs into Will, who is sitting alone, and admits to missing his friendship with Hannibal.

Jack is the next person that Chilton visits, who has left the FBI. Chilton makes a case for Jack continuing the search for Hannibal Lecter and helping Will Graham. Jack refuses, wanting to be with his wife during her last days.

Bella dies with Jack at her bedside.  At her funeral, he finds a note that Hannibal sent with condolences. When Will comes to the funeral, Jack gives him the note, asking that he not put himself in Hannibal's way and die like Bella.

Mason goes through reconstructive surgery on his face in preparation for finding Hannibal and cannibalizing him. Alana, now walking with a cane, becomes Mason Verger's new psychiatrist, and decides to help Mason find Hannibal.


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Hannibal Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

This is your best possible world, Will. You're not getting a better one.


Happy hunting.