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Lemon agrees to help Lavon make Bluebell a place where Ruby would want to live but it she ends up spilling that she was Lavon's love of his life. This causes Lavon and Ruby to break up and Lavon now hates Lemon. Zoe's mother is in town and she tries to distract her from realizing that her life is a mess. In the end Zoe figures out she likes Wade and they finally get together. George and Tansy get more series and Brick hooks up with George's ex. 

Hart of Dixie
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Hart of Dixie Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Tansy is short for Lemon. Crazy, southern ways.


Zoe: Wade did not break with up with. I am so much happier without him because now I can focus on more important things. Like trying to figure out how to redirect air traffic with my mind.
Lavon: Your mom is almost here?