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It's Bluebell picnic charity auction time. The women bid on baskets and get a picnic date with the owner. The bids and baskets cause trouble for several Bluebell couples. 


After six days away from Zoe, Wade decides that he wants to be in a real relationship with Zoe and asks her to bid on his basket. He wants to go on a real date with her. She freaks out and hesitates to bid and waits too long. Magnolia wins the date with Wade. In an attempt to fix the mess, Zoe buys the date from Magnolia. The date doesn't go well, when Wade proclaims that he doesn't want to be a placeholder for George. They go their separate ways and look at each other from across the pond.


George puts up a basket to draw Tansy's attention and it works. She bids on George's basket. They have a nice picnic and then she decides they need an adventure. They go and steal Tansy's dog, Dolly Parton. George hurts his hand and gets Zoe to look at it. Zoe is upset to see George so happy with Tansy. When George convinces Dolly Parton's new owner to leave her with Tansy, they kiss.


In a basket mix-up, Lemon ends up on the picnic date that Lavon planned for Ruby. He went overboard on it. They have a nice time, but Lemon realizes that Lavon is in love with Ruby. They part and Lavon goes home to find Ruby waiting there for him. He tells Ruby that he loves her and she responds in kind. They decide a long distance relationship will work.


Brick's basket is won by George's shopaholic ex. Surprisingly, they have a good time and Brick learns all about different phone apps.

Hart of Dixie
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Hart of Dixie Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

You're kinda predictable. In a good way. You're so ... George Tucker.


I use coffee to wake up. And, now I'm up.