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Lavon and George try to help prevent Bluebell merging with their sworn enemy, the town of Fillmore. They attempt to keep it a secret but when details begin to leak, they enlist the help of Annabeth, Joel, and Zoe to create a diversion.

Joel and Annabeth attempt to create a scandal by pretending to be having a secret affair. When Rose discovers it's all a front, the town becomes enraged and worried their going to lose Bluebell to Fillmore.

Zoe struggles with her feelings towards Wade when he begins dating her cousin Vivian. Joel helps convince her that she is in the wrong. Wade confronts Zoe and is frustrated that she is still punishing her for their traumatic break up.

Eventually, Zoe tells Vivian he is a good guy and wishes them the best. The fate of Bluebell is undetermined.

Hart of Dixie
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Hart of Dixie Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

[To Zoe] Maybe the truth is that everyone in this town can see that I've changed except for you. You need to ask yourself why it is exactly you don't want me dating so close to home.


[To Zoe] How long do you plan on punishing me?