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Dave remembers waking up next to the Colorado Kid the day he died, and he cries to Nathan, wondering if he killed him. He saw a thinnie the day the Colorado Kid died. And there was a woman on the beach.

Audrey and Nathan go to the spot were CK died. They need to get a controller in addition to the aether in order to build a new barn. 

With no thinnie apparent, Nathan suggests they use a man's Trouble to go back in time to the day CK died.

Nathan is going alone to 1983. Audrey laughs at his choice of outfit. It's nylon. Vince decides to go with Nathan. The only change of outfit he needs? A ponytail.

Duke is in a motel when men in black burst in. They tell him to get some new IDs because he's been using Skip McManus since 1987.

Nathan and Vince visit with Mr. Moseley and get shot back in time. When they get there, a kid snaps a polaroid. That seems like it will come back to bite them in the ass.

In the police station, there is music playing and lots of way back stuff to make us laugh. Nathan looks for his dad.

He goes in to see his dad and Lucy is in there with him. Nathan never knew his dad was with Lucy. She's getting ready to go back into the barn. She just wants to call James and tell him goodbye.

She recognized the woman, though. Barbara Colton. She's Troubled.

Duke is tied up to the bed and the men in black are staring at him before they punch him out.

Nathan and "Garland" Wuornos chat in his office, and Garland doesn't share what he knows from Lucy.

The boy with the polaroid wants Nathan's help. Duke Crocker stole his good camera.  

Garland notices that Nathan Butterworth using local slang. Something's up.

Vince wants Dave to cover an inter dude ranch rodeo in New Mexico. Except Dave recognizes his older brother's older self. Good try, though!

While Nathan is looking for Barbara's info, Lucy comes into Garland's office. They touch. Nathan is flustered, as is Lucy. She wonders what happened.

Lucy finds Barbara's file and calls ahead to tell her to get out of town. Nathan reaches her house before she leaves, and she escapes through a thinnie. Garland arrives and demands to know what's going on. Nathan tells him.

Dave asks for details from Vince, and Vince tells him he's going to be possessed by a creature from another dimension. Dave admits that was probably a little too much detail.

No idea WTF is going on with Duke. And I don't really care. Yet more men in black dropping out of the sky.

Garland and Nathan are talking about something that someone told Garland. That if Lucy kills the one she loves the Troubles will go away. He thinks it's her son James. He would never tell her. She runs out. Then they see her leaving. Nathan is worried. She didn't hear the entire story. If she kills James, the Troubles end because all the Troubled people die.

Dave doesn't want to run. He wants to stay and fight. But Vince says if they can't kill Croatoan, Dave is doomed. Dave still insists.

Lucy is sad on the beach as James walks up. James made her feel connected to the world when he told her who she was. He wishes they had been able to find a way to stop the Troubles. She asks James to get a sweater for her from the car, and as he walks away, she points the gun.

Nathan stops her. She says he doesn't understand. Nathan assures her he does. James is THEIR son. She thinks he's there to save them. But instead they must watch as Dave is taken over by Croatoan and kills the Colorado Kid. If they stop it, it could change everything.

Croatoan does something to a crowd of people and then leaves Dave's body. Dave sees The CK and slinks away.

There are no more Coltons, so none can wear the ring to make thinnies. But Nathan is not worried. Going back in time changed everything.

The guy who is the main man in black in Duke's room? Saul Goodwin. The kid with the camera in 1983. He doesn't remember Haven. But he has something for Duke. He has no idea why he started watching Duke. But he's good enough that he started his own firm. He hands him an envelope.

Nathan left a letter with the kid. It was for Duke. He has to find a member of the Colton family and bring them back through the shroud. The member? Hayley.

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Haven Season 5 Episode 20 Quotes

Garland: So I'm supposed to believe that you're my son come back in time.
Nathan: You know better than anyone what the Troubles can do.

I'm sure glad you finally grew into those ears, son.