You're right. I would not die for you like Nathan. But I will leave for you. There's nothing here for me without you and there's nothing for me back home without you by my side. So, yes, I will power the barn, take the aether and the Troubles, forever.


I have to show him that Duke Crocker is nobody's bitch.


Nathan: If she's so perfect, why don't you just keep her for yourself?
Croatoan: I said you would never know the difference. I'm her father, I would know.

Nathan: You want to give me a copy of Audrey.
Croatoan: One who loves you with all her heart.

Today wasn't the first time you were my patient. When you were a little girl, I used aether to save your life.


Audrey: How could you call the Troubles work?
Croatoan: I understand why they frighten you, it's 'cause you're not seeing them clearly. You're not seeing their full potential, what they can accomplish. What you're seeing is the risks, the damage. It doesn't have to be that way.

Audrey: You killed James, my son.
Croatoan: I had to. That's how much I love you.

I'm not just an overlay. Mara was terminated, and Charlotte made me whole.


Audrey: What are you?
Howard: The controller.
Audrey: For the Barn?
Howard: Yes, I am the controller for the correctional facility created to rehabilitate Mara.

You know, if you had told me a few years ago that my bar was going to get thrashed by a Trouble that creates sea monsters, it just sounds like Tuesday.


I know what you can do seems incredible, but it is a Trouble, it is not a power.


So yes, Dwight, if killing Dave is the only way to defeat Croatoan and save Haven, then I will be the one to do it, but we are not there yet.


Haven Quotes

I am the one who goes bump in the night. Huh? No? That's not working? Don't worry. I got another one here.


The guy threw a manhole cover at me, okay? I'm just sayin'.