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Kono and Chin joined the H.P.D. in a high speed pursuit, that ended in a crash. While the police moved in to apprehend the suspect, Kono noticed a box that had been flung out of the car with blood leaking out of it. The box contained a human head, and before McGarrett could get any answers from the suspect he died.

Chin managed to resurrect the crashed car's G.P.S., which gave the Five-O the address where the suspect had been headed. Meanwhile, Kono interviewed Spencer Owens, a local who had reported his rental car stolen. His rental car had been used by the suspect, but since he appeared to have no connection to the case Kono let him go.

The medical examiner managed to isolate the part of the island that the suspect had been living by analyzing chemicals in his hair. The suspect was identified as Han Chi. McGarrett and Danno went to question the man's father who was devastated by the news o his son's death. He told McGarrett his son was a goo man, who was excited by job he had been offered to make a delivery. He also informed McGarrett that the family was there illegally, and that was why Han would have run from the police.

Tissue samples and results from the head in the box revealed that the decapitated man was undergoing treatment for cancer. Chin and Kono went to the hospital where Chin ran into his ex-fiance, Malia. Malia was able to identify the man as a patient of hers, Henry Duncan.

Danno and McGarrett went to the Duncan house and found signs of a struggle and possible kidnapping as Henry's wife was missing. Checking the last numbers dialed at the house led Danno and McGarrett to the victim's father-in-law and had an office located where Han was supposed to deliver Henry's head.

After speaking with Henry Duncan's father-in-law, McGarrett and Danno suspected he knew more than he had let one. They followed him to a money drop that ended in a shoot out. The supposed kidnapper turned out to be  Spencer Owens. A raid of his house turned up the bloody saw used to decapitate Henry Duncan, but there was no sign of his wife Nicole. Danno quickly assessed the scene and determined that Nicole had helped to stage her own kidnapping.

McGarrett and Danno caught Nicole Duncan at the airport and arrested her.

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

Kono: You ever wish you chose another line of work?
Chin: Everyday... Never.

Chin: You did pass the H.P.D. Test for pursuit driving, right?
Kono: What test?