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Tonight’s episode opened with a man being abducted after his SUV was struck by another vehicle. Steve is at his house is listening to the recording his dad left him when Danny walks in with breakfast. Steve got a call from the Governor about the kidnapping as the man was Roland Lowry an ex-NSA operative; his abduction could jeopardize national security.

Chin pulled the footage from the traffic camera that could see the kidnapping and found that one of the kidnappers had been shot and made his way into a local hotel. Steve, Danny, and Chin met at the hotel and found the man on the roof. After running his prints remotely they found that he was a Serbian gun-for-hire.

On Roland’s home computer they found that he had made a skeleton key program that could hack into any computer. As they tracked who the Serbian gun-for-hire came into the country with they realized that the Roland’s girlfriend Natalie was also Serbian which put Kona and Roland’s son in danger. Kona also figured this out and as she was fighting Natalie another man with a gun made them stop or he would shoot Roland’s son.

The Serbian’s took Kona and Roland’s son to his Roland to make him give them the skeleton key program. Steve, Danny, and Chin figured out where they were being held and went to rescue them. After all the fighting was done, Steve, Danny, Chin, and Kona survived along with the Roland and his son.

Kona missed her graduation. After she zipped her uniform back into the bag she walked out to find her team waiting for her. Steve presented her with a new pistol, Danny gave her a St. Michael necklace, and Chin gave her a flashlight with an engraving.

Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Steve: This is densely layered ballistic glass, laminated onto a shield of resilient polycarbonate.
Danny: Why can't you just say "bulletproof."

Steve: Nobody in Hawaii wears a tie.
Danny: Oh sorry, I like to look professional.