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Derrick’s Army Reserve Unit is being shipped out in three days and he wants to marry Vanessa before he goes. She agrees, even after talking with Red. When the day comes, she tells him she isn’t sure, causing Derrick to pack up and leave.

Dan is home for his brother’s wedding where Marti sings and Savannah works as a waiter. He brings home a girlfriend to make it easier for himself. Marti tells him they are better as friends and Dan rekindles his relationship with Savannah.

Travis is working at the bar and living with Wanda. He tells Alice that although Jake is not a great guy, he probably could use a visit from her. Alice goes to see Jake and promises to come back again.

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Hellcats Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

I'm getting married...tomorrow.


I just don't want to have any regrets.


Hellcats Season 1 Episode 16 Music

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Like this 1 Like This Kelly Rowland iTunes
Song Too Little Too Late The Ontic
Song Heart in a Cloud Rossif Sutherland