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Waiting on the looming fate of the Hellcats future, Savannah and Alice decide to throw a toga party. The Hellcats have a good time, which includes Lewis singing and some firefighters joining in.

Marti and Morgan work with Vanessa and Julian to get Travis out of jail. They get Red’s help to broker a plan that will save football and cheerleading while also freeing Travis. They work to get Jake to confess after taping Bill Marsh making comments about the quarterback.

Jake doesn’t want to turn himself in but Alice convinces him to do so. He goes to jail and Travis is free. Red and the others draw up resignation papers for Bill Marsh and get him to resign quietly.

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Hellcats Season 1 Episode 15 Quotes

Can't you be pissed off like a normal human being?


Football is not too big to fail, just wait and see.