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Marti and Morgan continue their quest to work on Travis’ case. They visit a pharmacist who’s pharmacy had supposedly been robbed by Travis. The two decide to take turns doing a stake out.

Savannah is angry with Marti about the Dan situation and heads home for a few days, where she finds out her sister Charlotte is pregnant. She covers for Charlotte in a performance so she doesn’t have to do her stunts. Their parents are not aware of the pregnancy and Savannah covers for Charlotte.

Dan joins Marti on her stakeout where they finally talk about the experience they had in high school. They were sixteen and the condom had broke. Dan didn't speak to Marti for six months, afraid she was pregnant. While on the stakeout, they start to fool around but are interrupted by the furniture store owner picking up the pharmacist.

Dan tries to talk to Marti about what happened during the stakeout. She wants to act like nothing happened so a mistake wont hurt Savannah. Dan admits he doesn't think it was a mistake. Lewis shows up to apologize to Marti for not having her back with Savannah. Lewis brings Dan to the dorms and all four work things out.

Vanessa is on the hunt to get practice space after Bill Marsh blocks her out of the gym. This was a ploy to get Red to help with a Pay for Play situation. Vanessa suddenly gets her gym time back and she believes Red had something to do with it. He is then seen looking uncomfortable during the transfer of money from Lancer to a prospective quarterback.

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Hellcats Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

You don't have any friends, just people you use on your way to your law degree.


It's not personal, it's cheerleading.