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From the previews leading up to this week’s Hellcats episode, “Finish What We Started,” I was confident that the latest installment would be a can't-miss, juicy hour of television.

Instead it felt like a filler episode, although it did include the ingredients for a major showdown.

Giving Dan a Chance

Last week, I laughed at the overly dramatic way Savannah went running out of the hotel. Yet this week, the show righted this wrong. Savannah’s reaction was exactly what it should have been towards Marti. Points for having them act like actual college kids.

I have to say I am definitely intrigued by the idea of Charlotte being pregnant. It was a twist I didn’t see coming and has the potential to bring the drama, especially with her extremely religious parents.

The writers backed off of the adult drama for the week, with just a small taste of Red and Vanessa. If we are going to see story arcs fold out for these characters, let us see some hot and steamy moments between the two, please.

Moving on: last Wednesday was a stand-out episode for Alice, but last night we hardly saw her. Thanks to some scandalous sexting pictures, that appears to not be the case on next week's installment.

Finally... the writers went there. They gave us some Dan/Marti moments that weren't terrible. I wasn't sold on the idea of this friendship becoming a relationship, but this was done with taste. Ultimately, Dan and Marti are friends and there is nothing that can change that now. I must admit, the make out scene in the Buick? HOT.

We can keep those moments few and far between, but these two friends should definitely avoid the relationship curse. The connection is there between them and can be explored in a later season.

I'm usually a huge fan of Lewis, especially when he takes his shirt off. But tonight, not so much. Although he apologized at the end, he was rude when dealing with Marti. The episodes leading up to this have always showed great chemistry with the characters, but I just didn't see it tonight.

Marti did have it right, though. Everyone lies at some point. But is it okay if you do it with good intentions?

Finish What We Started Review

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