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On this week's installment of Hellcats:

- The volleyball team challenges the Hellcats to a flag football game with the loser having to cheer for the winner in their underwear. Lewis coaches the girls and Alice’s quarterback boyfriend Jake coaches the volleyball team.

- Lewis goes home to his parents and finds an envelope of money, presuming its from Red. He used to receive money while playing football, causing him to quit. After confronting the football coach, Lewis’ father confirms the money was meant for him explaining that he is having financial trouble so Bill Marsh offered to help out (to keep him quiet). Red talks with Vanessa about how he wants a clean football program and that Lancer is already on probation.

- The flag football game takes place in the rain with the squad losing. Marti shows up halfway through (after deciding not to go to a law conference with her class) to help the girls score and Savannah makes the winning play. Red informs Lewis that his father asked that no more cash be sent to him.

- Lewis talks with Marti about his family situation. She comforts him and they end the conversation with a kiss. Lewis heads home to tell his father that he is going to get a job to help out the family.  He asks Red to give him a job logging the game footage and Red agrees.

- The volleyball team cheers at the pub for the Hellcats in their underwear. Vanessa shows up and explains that their bid video didn't win and they will have to come up with the money for sectionals and nationals.

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Hellcats Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

We succeed or fail together.


Don't forget you have that cute little thong that I brought you back from Mexico.