Hand Shaking Cheerleaders
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After a sleepover at the dorms, Dan gives Savannah ideas on how to change up their bid video by using a different location and camera views. During practice, Alice and Savannah argue over the idea. While working the video at a new place, everyone gets frustrated after having problems with the routine and a squad member gets injured.

Alice holds a squad meeting without Savannah to have a no confidence vote. Savannah shows up and they decide to re-do the video the traditional way. They hurry up and do the video to meet the deadline, sending Alice to fly the video to the Nationals office.

While Vanessa and Derrick are out to eat, Red comes in. Derrick speaks with him and Red lets him know that he has intentions of winning back Vanessa, causing Derrick to punch him. Derrick gets called in and told he is being fired because of his altercation with Red, but it turned out Red lobbied on his behalf getting Derrick promoted to covering all Lancer sports. Although Vanessa doesn't think taking the job is a good idea, Derrick accepts the position. Red tells Vanessa he hasn't been able to get over her.

Marti and her classmate Morgan visit the prison to talk with an inmate whose case they are working on. Julian is working to get a law changed based on this case. Marti bonds with the prisoner over their love of music and she brings him a guitar on her second visit. They talk about his case and ask to keep Julian out of the loop.

Dan and Marti talk about his relationship with Savannah and she asks him to be careful and if it is getting serious. Marti admits she has missed having him to herself.

The squad holds a no confidence vote to choose who will be captain, Savannah or Alice. The vote shows Savannah will remain captain.

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Hellcats Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Vanessa: I'm sick of the games.
Red: Me too, but you play the hand that your dealt.

See, the Hellcats are the Beatles. Savannah is John Lennon, Alice is co-captain so she's Paul McCartney. They've got this rivalry going that has to be kept in check or it could break up the band. But you, you're not really in the band. Sorry dude, you're Yoko.