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Noah goes to meet Clare in Odessa, but a terrorist attack leaves many people dead and Noah thinks that Clare is one of the fatalities. The world descends into chaos when it emerges that Mohinder says that he was the one who carried out the attack and the world swiftly turns against evos. 

Luke Collins is on a mission to kill every evo when his sone dies, but he runs into trouble when Tommy keeps slipping through the net and escaping - potentially knowing that he is a killer. 

Tommy must come clean to Emily when she realizes something isn't right. She promises to hold his secret, but Will realizes what's going on and forces him to get rid of his step father, but someone else does this for him. 

Quentin reels Noah back into his old life and accidentally kills the hatian. The hatian says that Noah told him to kill him if he came back, which leaves him very confused. 

Noah realizes that Clare may be alive after searching through the rubble in Odessa, but he quickly realizes that primatech is still very much active, which leads to even more revelations when his past comes back to haunt him.

Heroes Reborn
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Heroes Reborn Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Tommy: I can't believe you made it out alive. So what happened in there? The place burnt down.
Luke: What do you think happened?
Tommy: I don't think we should talk about it in public.

Quentin: You're Noah Bennett, right?
Noah: Who do you work for?
Quentin: Ranatus.
Noah: Ranatus?
Quentin: I worked at Ranatus, but not for Ranatus and I know that you work for prima tech.