Hiro Nakamura prepared me my entire life for this.


I'm ready. I'm ready to save the world.


Malina: There's no one even guarding the place.
Luke: There's no one left to guard.

Welcome to the future.


Taylor: How does it feel knowing your grandchildren's father is one of them?
Erica: Not as unfamiliar as you'd think.

Hello Erica. Did you miss me?


Public enemy number 1. You are never getting into gateway.


Tommy: Is it true?
Erica: Does it matter?
Tommy: Let's get this over with.

I can't wait to kill that little bitch.


Haitian: You used to be a good man. A family man.
Matt: I used to be and then my family walked out on me.

Do you because your digital spawn freed Hiro Nakamura and destroyed the fortress and somehow ended up here.


Tommy: You're katana girl. Look.
Miko: How is this possible?

Heroes Reborn Quotes

Quentin: You're Noah Bennett, right?
Noah: Who do you work for?
Quentin: Ranatus.
Noah: Ranatus?
Quentin: I worked at Ranatus, but not for Ranatus and I know that you work for prima tech.

Tommy: I can't believe you made it out alive. So what happened in there? The place burnt down.
Luke: What do you think happened?
Tommy: I don't think we should talk about it in public.