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On Heroes Reborn Season 1 Episode 5, Noah, Quentin and Taylor find a room, which they figure is a seed bank preparing for some kind of extinction. Meanwhile, Erika goes to a secret warehouse, revealing a weapon that can cause global extinction.

Tommy is tested and tagged by the authorities. Agent Cutler reveals that Tommy is adopted, which upsets him. He confronts his mother, who is joined by Caspar, and informs Tommy that his destiny is to help save the world. Tommy refuses to accept this and leaves.

Erica figures out that Miko and Ren have staged the gamers' gathering at Renautus,and instructs Harris to move the sword to her place. Ren tracks it by stowing his phone in the care.

Taylor calls her mother to the house, to a trap with Noah and Quentin. Noah tries to find out what Erika is hiding and who he wiped his memory to protect, but is interrupted by Harris. During the skirmish, Miko crashes into the house and takes her sword back.

Malina and Farah go to Quebec, but their contact never shows. They are found by Harris and The Shadow. Farah is shot, but Malina escapes and hides on a lumber truck.

Luke Collins returns home to an empty house, and reminisces alone about his son, heartbroken. He calls his partner up and sells his half of their practice, and burns his house down.

Carlos returns to the autoshop to find his nephew and the priest missing. He goes to confront Derrick at the precinct, but the other cops  figured that Derrick is an evo and take him into custody. Carlos kidnaps him from custody to find his nephew.


Heroes Reborn
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Heroes Reborn Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

What you're doing is godlike. The next big bang without all of the mess.


Authorities: What are you and your mother running from?
Tommy: You, and people like you.