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Easily our favorite episode of the season. Wow.

If you recall last week, we were left knowing that Ted Sprague and Matt Parkman has broken into the Bennet household. They were there to steal Mr. Bennet's computer and were taken by surprise when the Bennets came home from the hospital. They didn't go there to confront them, but since they were there, they went to plan B. Here we get our first taste that things aren't what we've been led to believe. Before tonight, there was a pretty clear delineation between the "good guys" and the "bad guys." Ted and Matt were the victims seeking the truth about what happened to them. Mr. Bennet was the villain.


We get a flashback of when he was first hired by the mysterious organization behind Primatech Paper. He's introduced to his partner who is a special. It's Claude! The Invisible Man was Mr. Bennet's first partner! This was just the first of a series of revelations during this episode.

Matt does his thing and keeps reading minds to find out if Bennet is telling the truth. He also reads Claire's mind and uses that to get to her dad. She knows about him and now Bennet does, too. Matt and Claire make some discoveries during a conversation and both of them start to put more pieces of the puzzle together.

We then were given a flashback to when Noah was given the responsibility to look after Claire. They're on the roof of the Deveaux building. On that roof, Hiro's father hands Claire over to Mr. Bennet. Yes, Hiro's father hands Claire over to her new dad. Hiro's there, too! As a young boy. Hiro's father is at, or very very near, the top of whatever organization is doing all this. He tells Bennet that he is to care for Claire until the day she "manifests" and then she is to be given back to the organization.

Back at the Bennet house, Ted becomes more and more unstable, as Matt starts to doubt what Ted is really after. Therefore, Parkman then "works" with Bennet, who gives him instructions via his thoughts; Matt shoots Claire because he knows she'' regnerate. Ted is still unaware of her power and the situation is diffused for the moment. Noah and Matt take Claire up to her room to get her away before she heals and take the chance to figure out a way to save the Bennet family from the radioactive guy who has lost his mind.

Mr. Bennet explains that he's been hiding Claire from the people he works with to protect her. Turns out that they conduct experiments on the "specials," which usually means death. This organization kills people at the drop of a hat. In fact, when we first meet the Haitian, it was so he could erase Mrs. Bennet's memory and save her life. Those guys would have killed her had they not been able to clear her memory. Brutal. Speaking of brutal, Bennet was ordered to kill Claude back when they were partners. Apparently, Claude had begun to disagree with the company's methods and was protecting one of the special people. Mr. Bennet took him out to a bridge and shot him.

Nr. Bennet comes up with a plan. He calls in the Haitian for assistance and brings Ted his "case file." While Ted is learning the truth (that Bennet didn't make him (or the others) "special") Thompson, the company's boss, shows up and shoots Ted. Not a good move. It causes Ted to lose control and go nuclear.

Luckily, Claire stops him from going completely A-Bomb by shooting him up with tranquilizers, but Thompson witnesses her power and wants her brought in for... whatever it is they do. On the way to turn her in, Mr. Bennet meets the Haitian, who shoots him and erases his memory. So there it is, folks:

The guy we've grown to hate turns out to be hero in his own right. Sure, he did a lot of shady things in his past but he redeemed himself. He saved his daughter and his family by sacrificing himself.

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This son of a bitch is thinking in Japanese!

Matt Parkman

Mr. Bennet: [Bennet is about to kill Claude for betraying the company] You used to believe in this company's mission!
Claude: I used to believe in the Tooth Fairy!