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Mr. Bennet has his memory tested by Primatech (using Matt Parkman) and passes, since his memory was wiped by the Haitian. Upon returning to his hotel room he tells his wife that he is going after Claire. His wife turns on the radio and takes him into the bathroom and reveals that he had told her everything before having his memory wiped and gives him a note from himself telling him not to go after Claire.

He is then assigned to clean up the Simone situation for Isaac and at this time it is revealed that his new partner has the ability to ’shapeshift.’ She also seems to be able to affect what others see in the surrounding area. They take care of the cops that are responding to a call at Isaac’s because of the gunfire and solve the problems caused by Simones death. When Bennet
returns to the hotel where his wife is staying he takes her into the bathroom to discuss Claire. Her phone rings and she tells him that she needs to answer it, at this point the other people from Primatech show up and it is revealed that his partner had been impersonating his wife to incriminate him.

The Haitian tells Claire that they will be needing to get her out of the country to keep her safe, but she isn’y happy about that solution. She wants to go to Peter Petrelli and hide out with him, since she feels he is the only one she can trust. The Haitian gives her the option of leaving the country or having her memory wiped. they get to the airport and Claire goes throught the security checkpoint first and as the Haitian attempts to go through he finds that his boarding pass is missing. We see Claire dumping it in the trash can. Claire makes her way to the Petrelli’s home and find’s Peter’s Mom (her grandmother) there waiting for her with the Haitian. It seems that she was the one using the Haitian to try and protect Claire.

After sending Micah off to school, Jessica is confronted by DL who says that a picture of Nathan was left on his pillow, he accuses her of doing some illicit stuff for Linderman. Jessica explains it away telling him that she is just acting as a dealer and that she won’t do anything that she doesn’t want to. DL smiles the walks away. As he leaves we can see that he is less than convinced by her story. Jessica looks in the mirror at Niki and blames the picture issue on her.

Next we see the FBI agents in thier hotel room. Jessica enters the room and tells them that it is very disrespectful for them to spy on Mr. Linderman in his own hotel. She tells them to get on their knees, then comments on how she likes working with professionals, then kills them both.

We find that Nathan is actually working with the FBI to try and take down Linderman, Peter is in the room, invisible, and over hears the whole conversation. He reveals himself to Nathan and he tells him about Simone. they are interuppted and Peter disappears and leaves. Nathan then goes to Las Vegas to meet with Linderman, wearing a wire. He runs into Hiro, who has been trying unsuccesfully to get into the casino to get the sword. Nathan helps Hiro get in, then goes to his hotel room to wait for the meeting with Linderman. In his room he is assaulted by Jessica, which we find out that Niki is now in control.

She explains the whole situation with the dead FBI agents and warns hime that he will either need to accept the deal that Mr. Linderman is going to offer him or run. Niki the offers him her guns, but says that he will need to knock her out to get it. To show Jessica that she isn’t in charge. He opts to kill Mr. Linderman. He goes to meet Linderman in the hotel kitchen, where Linderman is cooking. He explains that he knows what Nathan is up to and asks him whether or not he is happy. He then says that a person can be happy or have a life of meaning.

The talk for a few more minutes and Linderman offers Nathan the Vice Presidency and a life that matters. Nathan lowers the gun.

Isaac, having just killed Simone is in a panic when the police show up. HRG and his partner arrive and deal with the situation. When Isaac says they need to take him with them, he is told that he will stay there and paint. The stress of the situation makes him go looking for his ‘kit’ for shooting up. He goes into a trances and paints horrific scenes of a beheading. He paints his own death.

After several failed attempts, Hiro finally gets into the casino with the help of Nathan (Flying Man!). He goes to the museum where Linderman keeps all of his ‘collectibles’ and turns over a ripped piece of artwork by Isaac. The curator goes of to check something and Hiro manages to use the curator’s computer to locate the sword. As he is retrieving it the Curator sets off an alarm and tells him the 743 guards will be on thier way to collect him. Security doors drop and we see a security officer approach behind the currator.

The Guard knocks the curator out and is revealed to be Ando. Hiro and Ando get the sword as security is busting through the doors and Hiro teleports them to the future, after the devastation has taken place.

Mohinder is talking with Sylar (still in the guise of Zane) about what thier next step is and who the need to look for. Mohinder mentions an Isaac that lives nearby and while he is preparing tea, Sylar tries to call the number. The number is busy and Sylar mentions ‘getting’ him later. After a few sips of tea Sylar asks Mohinder who they need to get next. Something causes Sylar to collapse and Mohinder tells him that they don’t need to look for anyones else because now he has him and reveals that he is aware that Zane is reallly Sylar.

Mohinder ties Sylar up and gives him a poison that paralyzes him. He then extracts some spinal fluid to help him in his calculations to find others with powers. Sylar was the ‘patient zero’ for Mohinder’s fathers calculations, so having this provides the break through for Mohinder. After he figures it out he tells Sylar that he can now avenge his father andpulls a gun on him. Sylar goes on a rant about ‘wasn’t he worth saving’ and discussing Mohinders relationship with his father. Mohinder pulls the trigger, but the bullet stops mid-air in front of Sylar then falls to the ground. It seems Sylar was able to
use his abilities to turn the poison drip off and was now back in control of himself. He then tells Mohinder, “I wasn’t begging for my life, I was offering you yours.”

Peter enters mohinders apartment to find it empty. He is looking around the room, when something drips on his head. He reaches up to check it and it’s blood. He looks up to see Mohinder, bloodied, pinned to the roof. Mohinder mutters the word ‘Sylar.’

Peter turns around and Sylar is behind him. Syalr says, “I know you” and then throws Peter across the room against a wall. He says, “You’re like me aren’t you? I’d like to see how that works.” The proceeds to start cutting Peters head open….

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Heroes Season 1 Episode 18 Quotes

I remember you.


[Seeing Nathan pull a gun on him] Now you can't have any of my pot pie.