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Five Years Gone picks up where we left Hiro and Ando, five years in the future. they go in search of Isaac and end up finding future Hiro, who tells them that he has been trying to figure out the best possible way of altering the timeline to prevent Sylar from detonating in NYC. Hiro and Ando inform him that Peter did indeed save the cheerleader, but that Hiro hadn’t killed him. Future Hiro the says they must get them back to thier own time when the loft is assaulted by paramilitary types under the command of none other than Matt Parkman (Head of Homeland Security) with the Haitian. Hiro is captured, but future Hiro and Ando escape. Parkman doesn’t seem to realize that Hiro is not the person that he has been persuing, confusing him with future Hiro.

Future Hiro and Ando determine that they need to free Hiro, so that he can be returned to his own time to kill Sylar. To do this they must go to Las Vegas to seek the help of Peter Petrelli. Future Hiro teleports them to Vegas and they attempt to find Peter through his girlfriend, Niki. Niki is an exotic dancer at a club (seems that she runs the joint as well). She tells them Peter is not interested and she gets hostile, then they ask about Bennett (HRG), she tells them that he is still in Texas. Peter has been there the whole time, invisible. They have a spat and we learn that DL and Micah are dead.

Parkman questions Hiro about events over the past five years and is disturbed because Hiro can’t remember them and Parkman’s abilities are stumped as to why he wouldn’t know. He is still unaware that he has the younger Hiro. Parkman calls the President, Nathan Petrelli, to inform them that they have captured Hiro Nakamura the terrorist. Nathan seems convinced that it is a trap. He wants Parman to get more ‘forceful’ in the interrogation. Nathan then meets with Mohinder, who seems to be his top science advisor. They talk about the explosion and the possiblility of a cure for the abilities of superbeings. Mohinder states that it isn’t possible and Nathan speaks about eliminating supers through the use of a false vaccine.

Parkman is roughing up Hiro, when he gets a call that Mohinder is in NYC in Isaacs studio looking at the timeline.

Cut to Primatech Paper. HRG is testing a young boy for abilities through a blood test, the boy test positive and HRG packs them up to go into hiding. Hiro is asking him for the help of some of the supers that he helped rescue. He refuses, until Ando tells him that hiro saved Claire by telling Peter Petrelli to save her. HRG then tells them that he will see what he can do.

Mohinder is with Parkman in the studio discussing the meaning of the strings. Mohinder posits that Hiro can time travel. Parkman seems hesitant to believe him. Mohinder seems to have made a revelation while talking to him.

Claire is in a diner as a waitress with her new fiance. They are talking about the wedding, when he notices a creepy guy in her section. creepy guy being HRG. He warns her that some one knows about her and she needs to leave and gives her money. After a brief heated discussion she takes the money. News discussing the Linderman act playing in the background.

While waiting for HRG, Ando asks future Hiro about what has happened to him. before he can say anything Parkman busts in and tasers future Hiro with his gaurds. He is stunned to find a second Hiro and finally believes that Hiro is aa time traveller. Peter busts in and messes up a few guards before stopping time and teleporting Hiro and Ando away. Leaving Parkman empty handed.

We learn that HRG is working with Matt by turning in the dangerous supers (Hiro), so that he can be allowed to save the harmless ones. They have a discussion and it is revealed that HRG has been hiding Parkman’s family as well. HRG sees his assistant shot on the floor just before Parkman pins him down and ends the arrangement. Out of fear of the President and his failure with future Hiro, Parkman decides he needs an ace in the hole to protect him. He puts a gun to HRG then gets Claires location out of his head. Then shoots him.

Claire convinces her fiance to elope with her and just leave. He agrees and she is ecstatic. Parkman is there and takes her into custody.

Mohinder is questioning Hiro about the past, looking through a 9th Wonders comic that Hiro has never seen before, presumably the one Isaac sent away before his death.

Peter and Ando in an apartment and Peter drops the bomb on Ando telling him that he died in the explosion. He tells him that Hiro became grim after that and that he is the reason Hiro is trying to fix the past. Niki walks in on them.

Mohinder and Nathan are in Isaacs studio and Mohinder is trying to explain all of this to Nathan. Nathan tells him that Hiro can’t suceed and that he is going ahead with his plan to exterminate the other super beings. Parkman arrrives and tells Nathan that there are two hiros and that they have the younger one. He also says that he wants top put him down. Nathan decides that he wants Mohinders to do it as a test of loyalty. Parkman the reveals that he has found Claire.

Claire meets with Nathan and he gets all weird talking about Candice (shapeshifter/illusionist) helping him get the presidency. It is then revealed that Nathan is actually Sylar. and he takes Claire’s head and power.

Future Hiro and Ando are catching up talking about how things have changed and weren’t what they expected. Peter and Niki are having a fight. Peter talks about DL, Micah and Jessica being gone. About accepting loss. Then reveals that Sylar was not the one that exploded, but rather him. He tells how Nathan blamed it on Sylar. He tells her that is why he must help Hiro.

Nathan/Sylar is giving a speech as Peter, future Hiro and Ando try and save Hiro. Mohinder and Parkman are getting ready to execute Hiro. They try to figure out how to get Hiro out with the Haitian there to shut thier powers down. Mohinder solves that problem by injecting the Haitian with the poison, rather than Hiro just like in the 9th wonders comic. Peter, Ando and Future Hiro arrive just as Mohinder is freeing Hiro to go back and stop Sylar. Hiro says he does know how to get back to his own time and Future Hiro says he will take him, but is then shot in the back by Parkman. Parkman calls Nathan/Sylar to tell him the Haitian is down and that Peter is preventing them from getting Hiro. Nathan/Sylar, who is front of a huge crowd, leaps into the air flying to Parkman.

While future Hiro dies, Nathan/Sylar pulls Peter through the door (DL’s power) and throws him down the hall. Sylar reveals himself to Peter and they both nuke up to battle it out. the fighting gets intense and with Ando’s assurance, Hiro is able to get them back to thier own time on top of the Deveuax building.

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Heroes Season 1 Episode 20 Quotes

Hiro Nakamura: Is everything OK?
Peter Petrelli: No... Let's go fix it.

Claire Bennet: [whispers] Sylar...
Sylar: I've waited a long time for this.