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Hiro and Ando are on top of the Deveaux building trying to figure out thier next move. Hiro has an unfinished copy of Isaac’s last comic. All the artwork is there, but there are no words. Hiro suggest to Ando that they go find Isaac so that he can fill them in on what the missing text is. They don't know he's dead, of course.Claire is with the Petrelli’s, getting ready to be shipped off with her grandmother to Paris, wheen Peter comes in to say his good byes, he and Claire get into it about thier destiny and what is expected of them. Peter reveals that he is going to explode and Claire remembers Ted and her encounter with him.

Parkman, Ted and Bennet are in St Louis trying to get to NYC to disable the Walker Tracking System, which is used by the company to track down people with special abiliities. It doesn’t need the radio isotopes to keep track of them like the older method. Parkman tries to call his wife, but HRG lays down the law saying that they need to stay below the radar, using back roads, switching vehicles if they are to save the ones they love. Parkman reluctantly agrees.

Sylar is painting the future. He paints Ted the exploding man and the fact that he will take his power. He believes that he will explode. He calls Mohinder out of fear that he will explode and kill many innocents. He believes that killing other super beings is acceptable as part of some evolutionary plan, “The killing had a reason, to take what other didn’t deserve. Natural selection," but is reluctant when it comes to killing others who have no ability and are innocent. It proves to be one of those rare moments of conscience we see in Sylar, that shows he may still have some sense of morality in his madness.

DL and Jessica are having an argument over the fact that Linderman has taken Micah. DL blames her and goes off to find him. Niki tells Jessica that she needs to be the one to save him and that he won’t make it if he goes alone. At the last minute Jessica tells DL to wait and goes with him.

Mica is in NYC with Candice, who is impersonating Jessica. He tells her that he doesn’t like it there and doesn’t like Mr. Linderman. Candice/Jessica tells him it is for the best, they have a momentary heated discussion and then end up hugging. Micah has a look of distrust on his face.

Meanwhile, down below in the plaza, Mohinder is meeting with Thompson, Bennet’s old boss, about teaming up with the company. Mohinder tells them that they need him more than he needs them and that they will work for him and his goals rather than the other way around. Thompson reveals a new hero to Mohinder, Molly Walker, who is a small child with a degenerative nerve disease. The same disease that killed Mohinders sister Chanti. Her ability can’t be accessed at the moment because of the disease. Her ability is to be able to locate anyone she thinks about. Her family was killed by Sylar, but she managed to survuve thanks to intervention on the part of the company. Thompson wants Mohinder to find a cure for her, since his father had found on for Chanti, although it was too late to save her.

Sylar is on the phone with someone arranging a visit. He is in Isaac’s studio. When he goes in the back to get ready, Hiro and Ando show up looking for Isaac. They discover the topless Isaac laying on the floor, just like Hiro had found him in the original time leap. They manage to hide behind a painting just as he is coming out, but he hears Ando gulp and uses his telekenisis to move the painting, but thanks to Hiro’s teleportation, they are no longer there. they reappear in a grocery store at street level and come out just as Sylar walks past. They are intent on following him, but he seems nervous and possibly aware that they are following.

Jessica and DL break into Linderman's museum in the Casino in Vegas looking for Micah. Linderman has all sorts of records about DL and Jessica. DL believes that Linderman arranged everything that put them together as a science experiment.

Mohinder and Molly are having a conversation, she refers to Sylar as the Boogeyman. She tells him about Sylar and her ability to locate people.

Claire and Peter go to Nathan about Ted. Peter asks Nathan to trust him and Nathan says that he will make a few calls. He tells Claire that she is very brave and after they have left he calls Linderman and tells them that they may have a problem.

Sylar shows up at an apartment, the person he has gone to see is his mother. While they are talking is seems that Sylar is making a plea to his mother to help keep him from becoming what he thinks he will be. “Maybe I don’t have to be special, that it’s ok to just be a normal watchmaker. Can’t you tell me that that’s enough?” It’s like he’s begging to be set free from his compulsion. It makes him almost sympathetic, but his mother doesn’t accept that and seems to demand so much more from him.

Peter and Claire go back to see Nathan, but show up while Peter is in a meeting with Thompson, who Claire recognizes as Bennet’s old boss. Thompson and Nathan are discussing the election and discussing the explosion andf how Nathan needs to have the courage to see it through. Claire leaves, unable to confront her Nathan with Thompson.

Candice, in the guise of Jessica tells Micah that she is going to take a shower. Micah attempts to make a break for it, but no matter where he goes, he ends up back in the same room. after a couple of tries he shows back up and Candice, in her normal form, tells him that she can make him see whateve3r she wants and that if he doesn’t cooperate with Linderman, she will make him see things his little mind will never be a ble to forget.

Hiro and Ando watch as Sylar reveals himself and his abilities to his mother. It goes alittle awry and she gets hit in the face and cut by a snow globe. She locks herself in her room and he is pleading with her, telling her that he is going to explode and kill thousands of people. She comes out of the room and tells him to leave and that he isn’t her Gabriel anymore. In a tussle she ends up getting stabbed in the heart with scissors. Ando tells Hiro to kill him while he is distracted, but Hiro tells him that it is not the Bushido way and that everyone deserves a second chance. He talks about the ease with which future Hiro could kill and that was because future Hiro forgot that killing is supposed to be hard. Ando the shows Hiro the comic where Ando is dead, killed by Sylar. Hiro stops time before Sylar’s mother can even hit the ground and goes in to kill Sylar. He apologizes for it as he places the sword against Sylar’s neck. As Hiro swings time resumes, wether by Sylar’s influence or Hiro’s it isn’t made clear. Sylar recognizes Hiro by his heartbeat from the studio. He asks why he is following him. Hiro tells him that he must stop him and Sylar tells him to do it, to kill him. Then, he calls Hiro a coward while freezing the blade of the sword. Ando enters and distracts Sylar. Hiro grabs Ando and teleports them away before Sylar can do anything. Sylar then recovers and sees his mother on the floor.

Mohinder reveals that he has found the cure and that it is in his own blood. He begins to treat her with the cure.

Ando and Hiro appear in Isaac's studio. Ando is asking Hiro if he killed Sylar, but Hiro says he has failed. Ando tells him that he hasn’t failed, that he has two days to stop Sylar. He says he can’t and reveals the sword has been broken.

Peter gives Claire a gun and tells her that he can take care of Ted, but if he can’t control the power, Claire needs to shoot him in the head. She tells him he’s crazy and he shows her some drawings he has made of the future with Ted in them. It shows Ted in NYC.

Nathan meets with his mother before she is to leave town. She reveals to Nathan that she has been in on Linderman's plans from the beginning and she pushes him in the direction she wants him to go, being "presidential," as she calls it. Sylar is painting on the ground with his mothers blood, he says that he was meant to be special, that he can even be President.

Peter and Claire are in the Plaza looking for Ted, She talks about how being different has caused problems and that meeting Peter made her feel part of something, she looks up and sees Ted, Parkman and HRG in the Plaza. She runs to him and they embrace. Ted walsk up beside Peter and Peter’s hands begin to glow. Peter Calls out to Claire and Ted asks what is happening and Bennet tells him that Peter is absorbing his power.

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If we save ourselves, who's gonna save everyone else?

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