In Odessa, Claire and Zach, sit down outdoors on the school grounds of Union Wells high school where they begin to eat lunch. Principal Marks, emerges from the nearby school building and posts the results of the recent homecoming queen election. Claire is the winner.

In New York City, Nathan and Simone unpack Isaac's painting that Linderman has shipped back to Nathan. The painting depicts the death of a man who appears to be Peter Petrelli. Simone explains to Nathan that Peter believes he must go to Union Wells high school and "save the cheerleader."Nathan asks Simone, "Is that the only copy." She replies, "Yeah, why?" Nathan opens a can of paint and pours paint over the painting to prevent Peter from seeing it. Simone protests to no avail.

Somewhere in the Nevada Desert, Jessica purchases a powerful military grade sniper rifle. She indicates she intends to use the weapon to shoot D.L. Hawkins. Along Highway 11 in Utah, D.L. and Micah, stop the SUV at a roadside cafe where they plan to get a bite to eat. Micah expresses his desire to turn back and return to help his Mother because she "...needs me." But D.L. says they can't turn back, but then Micah runs away as soon as his dad's back is turned.

On the other side of the globe in Chennai, India, Mohinder is still carrying his question regarding which path he should choose for his future. He hopes to receive assistance with this decision from a gifted local boy who carries the genetic marker and is reported to be a spirit guide. Mohinder has not only seen this boy in a picture from his father's desk, but also in his visions. When he later finds the boy, he asks him which path he should take. The boy replies "You already have the answer you seek." Mohinder is confused.

Back in New York city, Simone invites Peter to come over and see Isaac's painting that Linderman has shipped back to Nathan. After explaining to Peter that Nathan ruined the painting because he said he was trying to protect Peter from getting killed, Simone shows Peter a digital photograph of it before it was ruined.

Peter says he doesn't know if the person in the painting is him or not. Simone responds that if the person in the painting is really Peter, then this would mean that Peter is going to die at 8:12 pm tonight. Peter says he has to go to Odessa TX to save the cheerleader, despite the chance he may perish.

As Peter is leaving the building to go catch a plane, he places a phone call to Hiro. However, Ando answers the phone call. Peter tells Ando the cheerleader is at Union Wells high school in Odessa and Peter says he will catch a plane and meet with Ando and Hiro later in the day at the Burnt Toast Cafe just outside the airport.

But Hiro is actually not at the Burnt Toast Cafe with Ando at that very moment. He still hasn't returned from the past. The audience is shown a tiny memorial inside the cafe. This memorial signifies the recent death of Charlie, the waitress, is still being mourned. Hiro and Charlie are featured together in one of the photographs in the tiny memorial.

In Odessa, Claire's father, tells Eden to have Isaac paint another picture when he wakes up. Claire's father is worried for his daughter's safety. He tells Eden that Isaac's paintings indicate Sylar wants to kill Claire. He tells Eden to go to Union Wells high school tonight and use the paintings to find Sylar and neutralize him.

On the campus of the school, Zach is getting some stuff from his high school locker as he reveals to Claire that he has been running an election campaign for on her behalf. A rival cheerleader, Jackie, walks over and makes an insulting remark about Claire's friend, Zach. Claire reacts by punching her.

Later in the same day after Claire and her father have each returned home, Claire's father tells her she cannot leave the house tonight. He's trying to protect her from Sylar. But Zach persuades Claire to decide to go to this evening's homecoming activities in defiance of her father's instructions.

Along Highway 11 in Utah, D.L. catches up to Micah, who tells his dad about Jessica. With that information, he persuades D.L. that they should go back and help Niki. They start walking back to the SUV.

Back at Burnt Toast: Ando spots the picture of Hiro and Charlie, and asks one of the cafe employees about it. Ando is told that the picture of Hiro and Charlie was taken about six months ago and that they've been "tight" during the months leading up to Charlie's death, until Hiro disappeared a few weeks ago.

Peter arrives at the Burnt Toast cafe about an hour before 8:12pm and meets Ando. Peter tells Ando he is going to the homecoming event to save the cheerleader. Ando stays at the cafe to wait for Hiro to return.

While napping, Mohinder Suresh has a vision which shows him that his father was trying to protect him by dissuading him from pursuing the human genome project. Mohinder guesses the correct password to gain access to his father's computer files regarding the human genome project.

Peter arrives at Union Wells where a homecoming football game is underway. Claire and Jackie are alone in the girl's locker room during halftime when Sylar attacks. He kills Jackie. Claire's healing ability enables her to survive the initial attack and she runs from the locker room. Sylar is chasing Claire when Peter intervenes. Peter scuffles with Sylar and they both fall off a ledge together at that magical time: 8:12 p.m. Their bodies briefly lie motionless on the ground. Sylar recovers in less than a minute and flees from the scene. Seconds after Sylar flees, Peter regains consciousness and it becomes apparent that Peter has Claire's healing powers as we watch him recovering from severe injuries.

Claire sees Peter recovering from the fall and asks Peter his name. Claire leaves Peter and runs to get help; but instead, she unexpectedly runs into her father who has come to the school to find her. Sylar hasn't gone far when he is found by Eden and the Haitian. Sylar is easily subdued. The police arrive at the scene of the violence and arrest Peter because he is covered with blood from the fall.

The episode closes when: Mohinder decides to go back to New York and pursue a path of finding the individuals involved with the human genome project and warn them. D.L. and Micah have been walking back from the bus stop to the SUV, which is still parked in front of the same roadside cafe. As they reach the SUV, Micah tells D.L. they don't need to leave the cafe and drive to Vegas to find his mother because he has placed a phone call to his mother and told her where they are.

With that, the Jessica Sanders personality has already arrived - and she is camping at some distance from the SUV to avoid being seen. As D.L. warily makes his way to get inside the SUV, Jessica fires the sniper rifle at him.

Cut to the Burnt Toast cafe where Ando is enjoying a cup of coffee as the credits roll.

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Heroes Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Peter Petrelli: Did I save the world?
Claire Bennet: I don't know... I'm just a cheerleader.

My name is Hiro Nakamura... I am here to save your life!

Hiro Nakamura