Peter chases Claude and demands that they be friends, or at least enter into a mentor-typerelationship. Claude tells Peter to go screw himself, of course.

Matt sits around uselessly reading his wife's useless mind, while Sylar festers away in his cell, still dead to the world. So is Niki. Hiro and Ando are chased down by a bunch of thugs in a van and they spend the beginning portion of the show hiding beneath a car. Boring so far.

Once the action picks up, Nathan visits Mohinder, and they go off in search of Peter. Claire and Zach do some deep-diving into Mr. Bennett's computer, but findnothing. Matt's really not digging his gift all that much, so he declares to his useless wife that he's going to get his revenge on Bennett and the Haitian. Micah and D.L. are having problems getting along; it's pretty clear that D.L. is crap at raising children. They're having money problems because D.L. refuses to take off his clothes in front of a camera for money like Niki did.

Claire begs the Haitian dude to tell her anything at all about her birth parents and he gives up that her real mom died fourteen years ago. Claire heads right on over to the Internet and, after some research, finds a likely (dead) candidate in a small Texas town. She thinks her dead mom might have family, so at least it's worth a shot to contact someone to find out.

Matt gets suspended from the force and goes home to fix a plumbing problem. Yes, it's about that exciting. His useless wife lets him read her mind, and he finds out that she's pregnant. This fills him with unabashed joy, even though he has no job and the baby's probably not even his.

Peter returns to his gargantuan apartment long enough to pack a bag and meet up with Nathan and Mohinder, who just want to help him. Peter pulls a runner, only to be intercepted by Claude just outside the door, effectively making them both disappear, so that Nathan and Mohinder go chasing a cloud. Claude and Peter partner up for what we can only hope is a great adventure. D.L. phases into Niki's cell and whines at her about how hard it is to take care of Micah without her. She tells him to suck it up and go raise their son. Niki's psychiatrist demands to talk to Jessica, but Niki has little-to-no control over her alter-ego, so that's pretty much a bust.

Hiro and Ando are abducted by the van guys and, after a long-ass ride around town, they come face to face with their captor. It's Hiro's dad. And Hiro's dad is George Takei. Awesome. Claire finally tracks down the woman she believes to be her mothers' family, only to discover that the woman actually IS her mother, and she's totally not dead. She can also totally light stuff on fire with her fingers. And, finally, Bennett goes to check on Sylar's body, but he discovers the doctor's body instead, and Sylar's in the corner, looking psychotic, and also sporting a thingy implanted in his skull.

He has only one thing to say to Bennett: "How's Claire?"

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Heroes Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Invisible Man: I told you not to follow me.
Peter: I need help. You live up here?
Invisible Man: You're not a fast learner, eh, mate?
Peter: I took care of a man who owned this building. His name was Charles Deveaux.
Invisible Man: Never heard of him.
Peter: You don't think that's strange? I worked here. The place where you live and keep your birds.
Invisible Man: I don't keep anything. I let 'em out once a day, they come back. Sounds like free will to me.
Peter: I need to learn how to control this. Like you do.
Invisible Man: What are you talking about? It can't be controlled.
Peter: There has to be some way. If, if I don't, New York explodes. Okay? I explode.
Invisible Man: An exploding man, where'd you get that idea?
Peter: My dreams. This place. I found you for a reason. I think you're the one that has to teach me how to stop this.
Invisible Man: There's no such thing. No teaching. No Sunday school for the special. What I can do, you can't learn. You wake up in the morning, it's there. If you've got thin soup, then that's your supper. Sorry, mate, that's the way it is.
Peter: I'm trying not to die. There's got to be something you can do.
Invisible Man: I can kill you myself right now. Solve your exploding problem here. Maybe that's why you dreamt me. Don't bother looking for me. You won't find me here again.

Matt: Yes, I will call the plumber today.
Janice: Are you always gonna be in my head?
Matt: Well, I can't control this thing.
Janice: You can't or you won't?