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Let's talk about the best episode of the season, going character by character:

Parkman: Our favorite detective discovers that his ability goes far beyond mere mind reading: he can get into people's heads and force them to obey his commands. Using this power on his boss, Matt is allowed to interview Mrs. Petrelli again. He forces her to admit that the older generation of Heroes locked up Adam Monroe and that he is now on a killing rampage in order to seek revenge.

On piece of information Mrs. Petrelli is hesitant to part with, however, is the identity of the fourth remaining Hero from that generation; there's herself, Linderman, Parkman's father... and?!? Mrs. Petrelli says she swore to that lady she'd let her live her life in peace and that Parkman would be wrong to force the information out of her. Later in the episode, though, we see that Matt has learned the named of this mysterious woman and he's written it on the photograph of all 12 older Heroes: Victoria Pratt.

Hiro: Upon learning of his father's murder, Hiro reacts as any time-traveler would: he goes back in time to rescue Kaito Nakamura. When he gets to the rooftop of the building on which his father was killed, however, his dad won't let Hiro change the future. He says it's his destiny to die.

In an attempt to change his father's mind, Hiro takes him back to his mother's funeral. See how sad you were, Dad? See why you can't leave me? But after speaking with himself as a child, Hiro does lean how childish it is to try and play God. Eventually, parents die. You must accept it and live life according to the lessons they taught you. At this realization, Hiro takes himself and his father back to the night of his dad's murder. They say goodbye.

But Hiro does stop time just as the killer pushes Kaito off the rooftop. Maybe he can't prevent his father's death, but he can at least discover the murderer. It's Adam Monroe. Or, to Hiro at the moment, Takezo Kensei, the man he scored and turned evil so many years ago.

Mohinder/Mr. Bennet/Claire/Elle/Bob: Get comfortable, fans, because this story line is a (tremendous) doozy. First, Claire refuses to move out of Costa Verde with her family. She tells her dad that she hates him for constantly ruining their lives, never telling the full truth and forcing the family to always be on the run. After Claire leaves for school, Mr. Bennet is determined to speak with West in order to meet the boy who has such a hold on his daughter.

Meanwhile, Mohinder is gearing up to abduct Claire in order to use her blood to cure Niki (who has the virus, remember?). He, Bob and Elle and assuming this might involve killing Mr. Bennet because he won't let his daughter be taken without a fight. Mohinder appears to have a problem with this, but also appears to be willing to go along with it. He eventually forces Mr. Bennet to a meeting place, where he kidnaps him at gunpoint.

Mohinder takes Mr. Bennet to meet with Elle, who H.R.G. knows from his days at The Company. He's trying to explain to Mohinder how The Company turns you into this evil being who just does its bidding, but it looks to be too late as Elle approaches. But then so does West! He swoops out of the sky and knocks Elle out. The new duo - West and Mr. Bennet - proceed to set up an exchange: Elle for Claire (who was kidnapped earlier by Bob, who subsequently did take a lot of her blood. More on that later.).

Before the exchange goes down, Mr. Bennet explains to Elle that he met her the day she was given to Bob. And Bob led the charge of experimenting on her, expanding her powers, taking her memories, etc. This information appears to bother the previously unflappable Elle.

But the exchange still goes down, as West and Mr. Bennet meet up with Mohinder and Bob. The ladies are traded for one another - but as West flies away with Claire, they are shot down by Elle's electricity. Mr. Bennet reacts by shooting Elle in the arm and then pointing his gun at Bob. Before he can pull the trigger, though, Mohinder shoots Mr. Bennet in the face, right through the glasses (just like Isaac's painting had portended). Claire sees this and is aghast. But West flies her home, where she breaks the news to her mom.

Just as we were about to break our television sets at the death of our favorite character, though, the show focused on an I.V. In it? Claire's blood. On the table, receiving the blood? Mr. Bennet. An awesome shot of his destroyed eye ball and face? Morphing back into normal as Mr. Bennet wakes up. He's in an enclosed room, but he's very much alive. Fade to black. Awesome.

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