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So, were the Heroes "Out of Time" this week? As the episode's title implied? Let's find out...

Claire/Mr. Bennet/West: Creepy West surprises Claire by showing up at her house and making waffles. Fortunately, her father - who, of course, abducted him years ago - was still on his supposed business trip when West first shows up.

Later on, though, H.R.G. walks in the door and West flees out the back. When Claire tries to reassure him by saying it's actually her ddd, West freaks and flies away. Near the end of the episode, Mr. Bennet confronts Claire about the headline in the newspaper about a drunken cheerleader who claims she saw a boy fly and a girl get up and walk after being dropped 50 feet. He says Claire has endangered the family and they are moving.

Well, I'm not coming, his daughter de-Claires! And she storms off to her room.

Mohinder/Niki/Nathan/Parkman/The Company - Yes, a series of story lines interact here. First, Nathan and Parkman show up at The Company facilities because Maury Parkman had marked Bob for death. They try to come up with a plan to defeat the Nightmare Man, but it doesn't go so well at first:

Matt finds himself locked in his old apartment, alongside Molly. This is where the Nightmare Man keeps her, the little girl says. Matt, however, begins to harness his mental powers and eventually lures his father into the room. A mental battle ensues and Matt actually wins. In the end Maury is the one locked in the nightmare (and sedated), Parkman and Molly are free and all appears right in the world. Heck, Bob even tells Nathan that Peter is alive; he was in The Company's custody three months ago, but was then lost in Cork Ireland.

Bob also tells Nathan who Adam Monroe is: a Hero who let his power get to his head. He began to think of himself as God and is the one using Maury as a tool to kill all the older Heroes.

Also: Niki is having nightmares about D.L. She is so far from cured. Therefore, she actually stabs herself in the arm with the virus, hoping it can finally cure her of all powers. Instead, it's a mutant strain of the virus, one that Mohinder cannot cure with his blood. When Dr. Suresh reveals this information to Bob, the bald man has a plan:

Go find Claire Bennet and use her regenerative powers to save Niki. And, here, take this gun in case her dad gives you a problem. At this, Mohinder actually admits he's been working with Mr. Bennet to take down The Company and we're left to wonder if Mohinder is being a moron or if this is actually a strategic move on his part.

Hiro/Kensei: Still in Japan, Hiro tells Yaeko he must go back and destroy all the guns, lest Kensei and White Beard take over the country. A battle follows between a pair of former friends, with Hiro trying to convince Kensei he can still be good, but Kensei vowing he'll spend every breathe in his body making Hiro suffer.

When Hiro manages to blow up White Beard's, he assumes Kensei vanquishes in the blast. Finally, our Hero goes back to the present, where he can't wait to tell Ando about his adventures. One obstacle, though? Ando tells his friend that his father has been murdered.

Peter: Peter and Caitlin are found on the streets of NYC by men in safety suits. They're taken to a warehouse and the situation is explained to Peter: 93% of the world's population has been killed by a virus. As Peter is trying to digest this information, he's taken to his mother. Mrs. Petrelli helps Peter regain part of his memory, as he's able to at least eventually recognize who she is. She also breaks some news to her son: Nathan was killed during the first round of the virus.

Following this encounter, Peter has to say goodbye to Caitlin. She's taken back to Ireland. He can't do anything about it, either, as he finds himself back in present day Montreal all of a sudden. How can he get out of here? How does he use his powers? And who is that guy in the corner?

It's just me, Peter, the man says. It's Adam. And he says they're gonna change the world together. We know this guy as someone else, however: Takezo Kensei.

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Heroes Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

(drugged) Why is everything so purple?


Sandra: What is going on in here?
Lyle: What did Claire do this time?
Claire: Shut up, Lyle!
Noah: Pack your bags. We're moving.
Claire: You can't do that!
Noah: It's not a discussion! We're leaving!
Claire: Then you're leaving without me!