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This Heroes episode may have been worse than last week's. We're just waiting for SOMEthing to happen. Maybe the end finally teased a story line that would bring everyone together, but we were bored out of our wits with high school drama and romance until then. You're Heroes, people! Act like it!

Anyway, on to the characters...

Sylar/Maya/Alejandro: This threesome finally crosses the U.S. border, but is met by border patrol. As Maya's tears start to go black, Sylar encourages her to continue, kill the people standing in their way. She listens, swiping away the saving hand extended by her brother. Later, once they are past the now-murdered patrol, Sylar makes it clear he intends on killing Alejandro and Maya as soon as he regains his power. Too bad Alejandro can't understand what he's saying.

Mohinder/Monica/The Company - After bringing Monica back to the Company's lab, Mohinder is asked by Bob to inject her with a mutant strand of the virus that's meant to take away her abilities. But the doctor refuses. He and Bob have a falling out, which results in Bob apologizing for asking Mohinder to act in such an immoral manner. The shady bald man says maybe there's someone who can act as an intermediary, one who Suresh can trust so that he doesn't question all The Company asks of him.

We later learn this person is a supposedly healed Niki. Although she's acting very strange when she tells Mohinder she owes The Company and is now working for it. Also, Bob drops Monica off back in New Orleans and even gives her an iPod full of abilities she can learn if she wants to. He must have some motive for doing so.

Claire/West/Incredibly Boring High School: The head cheerleader, Debbie, doesn't allow Claire to make the cheerleading squad, despite the pleas of a fellow cheerleader who claims Claire did the best job, by far, of all who tried out. Guess standing and clapping is also a power of this young hero.

Anyway, West and Claire devise a plan to humiliate Debbie and get Claire onto the squad. It's really not worth going into. In the end, though, Debbie is suspended for drinking on school grounds, Claire is a cheerleader again and we're left to wonder what else we could have done during these ten minutes of our lives. Maybe balanced our check books or watched paint dry.

Hiro/Kensei: These two are invading White Beard's village when a bullet is headed straight for Yaeko. Hiro saves her, though, by transporting her to a field away from battle. As a result, Yaeko realizes Hiro's powers and that he was actually the one acting as Kensei during the period of time when she fell in love. Feelings are realized. A kiss is exchanged. But Kensei - who has now rescued the swordsmith - witnesses the act of betrayal by his crush and his supposed friend.

Later on, Kensei confronts Hiro about the kiss and isn't pleased. Hiro apologizes. But it's not enough, as Kensei wallops the whipped, former shell of a hero to the ground and out comes White Beard and his crew from the bushes. Turns out Kensei has changed alliances, Yaeko and her father are now captured and White Beard tells Kensi he can pretty much have whatever he wants.

We like the idea of setting up Kensei as an ever-lasting bad guy, but wish it hadn't taken so many episodes and hours to establish.

Mr. Bennet: Arriving in Russia with The Haitian, H.R.G. finds his former mentor, Ivan. He ties him to a chair and the duo tortures Ivan - by erasing precious memories - to release information about the missing Isaac painting. Eventually, Ivan breaks and tells them the paintings are in a warehouse. To cover his tracks - and to act like the cool, intriguing bad ass that he is - Mr. Bennet messes up the apartment so it looks like there was a burglary. And then shoots Ivan in the chest.

Later, The Haitian and his boss find the paintings, but it's unclear what they mean or even depict. In one of them, it appears as though Mohinder has just fired a gun at someone. That's about all we could make out.

Peter/Caitlin: These two head to Montreal to try and find the girl who killed the Irish bar owner whose name we keep forgetting. They walk into the store that was shown in the painting Peter drew at the end of last week's episode. Inside, they find a note that says Peter must help save the world. It's signed by "Adam" and mentions The Company.

Earlier, Mohinder had found a file that Bob had put down with the name "Adam Monroe" across the top. We don't know who this is yet and Peter embraces Caitling, equally confused. Then, he gets even more confused:

He and the Irish broad are transported to New York City. A deserted New York City. Peter finds a note on the ground, saying the entire city was evacuated. Its date? June 14, 2008. Roll credits.

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"You were right about the company. The world is in danger. It's up to us. Adam."

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