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On this episode of Heroes, Danko and HRG essentially agreed to let Parkman, Mohinder, Tracey and an unconscious Daphne escape Building 26. The reason? They were hoping they'd lead them straight to Rebel.

Once they are out of the evil building, Parkman takes Daphne to the hospital. Can doctors perform surgery that will help her survive? Sadly, no. Despite teasing viewers with a dream sequence that made it appear as though Daphne had recovered, the episode ended with Mohinder and Parkman by her hospital bed as she passed away.

As for Tracey, she looks out for herself: tracked down by HRG at a department store, Tracey strikes a deal: she'll take him to Rebel in exchange for her freedom. A plan is hatched. When Tracey receives a message from Rebel, she goes to meet him at Union Station. Once there, we see who it is: Micah.

Tracey now flips out, as she had no idea Micah was Rebel and doesn't wish him harm. The pair try to escape, but end up trapped inside a parking garage. Tracey has an idea. She has Micah turn on the sprikler system, tells him to make a run for herself and then sacrifices herself. Tracey waits until all of Danko's men are around her and then freezes the sprikler water. As a result, everyone in the garage - herself included - become ice.

Dank and HRG walk into the area, though, unharmed, and Danko fires one shot into Tracey. She shatters. It would certainly appear as though she's dead, but the camera focuses in on her eyes (in her head, which is detached from her body) blinking.

Over to Hiro and Ando: while taking care of baby Matt Parkman, they realize he has a power - anything he touches turns on, as Hiro dubs him "Toddler Touch and Go" - and they must protect him. They explain this to Parkman's ex-wife when she comes home. When armed men infiltrate the house, Hiro is holding baby Matt. As a result, he's now been turned on again. Hiro stops time and rescues himself, the child and Ando.

It appears as though Hiro can now stop time again, but he cannot travel through it.

Finally, we get to Angela. She's being hunted and tries to turn to an old friend, Millie (played by Swoosie Kurtz) for help. Millie gives Angela some cash, but she doesn't have much time to use it. Danko's men track her to a hotel, where Angela gets into a hotel in an attempt to escape. Just when it appears as if she's captured, Peter swoops in and flies away with his mom. (A development that really makes no sense and will likely never be explained.)

The episode concludes with Peter and Angela hiding out inside the Statue of Liberty and Peter asking his mother: "Now what?"

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