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What questions were asked, and then answered by this episode of Heroes? Let's find out...

How does Claire take after HRG? After initially refusing the plea of the Puppet Master (aka Doyle) for help, Claire realized that this her calling. She got a job at the comic book store - supposedly as a cover so Rebel could send Heroes in need of help there, instead of home - and proceeded to help Doyle escape from agents and secure a new identity.

Why, exactly, did she help someone deemed a "Villain" in the last volume? It's very much unclear, supposedly simply because "Rebel" said so and because Doyle claimed he had changed. We're all for proactive Claire, but maybe get more evidence next time before you start assisting just anyone with an ability. At the end of the house, federal agents came looking for Claire because her free pass was forfeited (for good reason) after she sided with Doyle.

What the heck are they doing to Hiro and Ando? Per Rebel's orders, these two showed up in L.A. in order to save Matt Parkman. A babysitter was glad to help: she handed them a baby and said it was Parkman. Raise your hand if this is you find this remotely intriguing (or makes up for the wasted time spent with Hiro and Ando in India), or the latest in absolutely ridiculous Hiro-based storylines (following his acting as a 10-year old, of course).

Why is Nathan is major trouble? After winning a power struggle with the Hunter, and subsequently getting the President to sign off on his removal, Nathan faced the wrong end of a loaded gun. The Hunter was pissed and wanted answer: he shot the window, breaking its glass, and shoved Nathan through it. But the Senator floated in the air and flew off the safety. The Hunter now knows of his ability.

What did Sylar learn from his dad? He found the elder Mr. Gray hooked up to an oxygen tank, dying of cancer. After seeming to bond with his father, and be told that he needed to go after more menacing prey/challenges, Sylar revealed that he has the ability to heal. Mr. Gray wanted it, in order to save his own life, and tried to take it (he has the same ability as his son). This was a bad idea.

Sylar fought back, but didn't kill his dad on the spot. He left him to die, alone and painfully, instead. When viewers last saw Sylar, he was inside the apartment of the Hunter. Perhaps this is his new challenge?

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