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The eclipse came and went on the most recent episode of Heroes. Here's what else went down, character by character...

Mohinder: He overpowered Flint in the lab, escaped to visit New Jersey to visit Maya and knocked on her door... only to discover his gross skin and dangerous abilities were back. He left before Maya could come to the door and decided - because he had nowhere else to go - that he'd work for Arthur again.

Parkman/Daphne: Once the eclipse left town, each regained their powers. Parkman realized how badly Daphne felt about skipping out on her father years ago and he encouraged her to make amends. She did. The relationship between Parkman and his speedy companion grew closer, as they left her Kansas home and went to the comic book store where Ando and Hiro hung out all episode. That's where they were when the episode ended.

Claire/HRG: HRG spent most of the episode tracking down Elle and Sylar. He eventually caught up with them in a warehouse and slit Sylar's throat, supposedly killing the villain because he didn't have his powers. But Claire, who had been pronounced dead at the hospital following her gun shot wound, came back to life when the eclipse ended. When HRG arrives home, he learns this and realizes that Sylar is likely alive now, also... he also in the house!

Sylar and Elle try to take Claire hostage, but Hiro intervenes (more on this below).

Sylar/Elle: These two sleep together during the episode and appear to be doing very well as a couple. But that changed after they attempt to steal Claire. During the abduction, HRG tells Sylar that Arthur is not his father and hints that Elle can verify this because she played a role in making him a monster. Hiro then teleports to the Bennet home and sends both Elle and Sylar to some random beach.

Once there, Sylar can't handle the manipulation he realizes he's been subject to and reverts back to his most dangerous side. He holds down Elle, questions her about who is parents are... and KILLS HER!

Peter/Nathan: Peter and The Haitian rescue Nathan from captivity. They then go about bringing down The Haitian's evil brother. After this success, Nathan tells Peter he's going to Pinehearst because now he sort of believes in his father's cause. He thinks Pinehearst is on to something, as far as giving people abilities to help save the world. He thinks it's mankind's moral responsibility to do everything it can to help those in trouble (e.g. Somalia, Darfur). Peter disagrees with the method of accomplishing this via abilities, but it's too late. Nathan flies away.

Hiro./Ando: These two are sifting through old 9th Wonders editions at the comic book store. Hiro discovers the scene where Claire is handed over to HRG, and he notices that an older Hiro and Claire are hiding in the background. This somehow makes him realizes that he'll recover his memory if he takes Claire back to that rooftop/day. So he transports to the Bennet house, as mentioned above, and grabs Claire.

The episode ends with these two character laying low and watching the scene from 16 years ago unfold: Hiro's father and handing baby Claire over to HRG.

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Heroes Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Flint: This gonna give me my powers back?
Mohinder: It'll help track the changes your body is going through.
Flint: You really think I'm that kind of stupid, doc?
Mohinder: Honestly... yeah. I did

Good, we found out how to get your powers back! Now we just need to figure out how to get your brain back.