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We picked up immediately following last week's plane crash.

The Heroes are all alive, scatted about in pairs and trios. Right away, though, Claire is captured by her father. He takes her into a tent that has been set up by The Hunter and his men and tries to explain that - once again - he's just doing what he has to in order to protect their family.

Missiles are launched and blow up the plane wreckage so no one knows about it. Nathan seems to take exception to this action by The Hunter, but this goon is all business. He says the Heroes are now terrorists because they threaten the lives of ordinary citizens. This dude is a serious mercenary.

Meanwhile, Daphne finds Ando in Tokyo. She's worried about Parkman because he didn't come home last night. Ando is worried about Hiro, too, as his GPS says his friend is somewhere in Arkansas. At that, Daphne grabs Ando and they speed off to the midwest to save their loved ones (apparently she can run on water?).

Now, all the Heroes are in Arkansas. But as Ando, Daphne, Claire and Parkman gather, the armed men come out firing. A couple of shots hit Daphne, as well as Claire (but she's fine, of course). Parkman gets dragged away by Ando, leaving Daphne bleeding on the ground.... and dead?!?

This time, Claire is successfully transferred away from the scene, though HRG promises to do all he can to keep her friends safe. The episode ends with Claire Bear back in Costa Verde, receiving a text message from someone who says she can still fight back. It's signed "Rebel."

Let's go to Peter and Tracey: these two make their way through the forest and Tracey calls Nathan on a phone she stole off one of the armed men. She calls her former lover and says she has Peter and will trade him for her safety. Nathan agrees. (Tracey should have known this was a trap all along; why would Nathan let Tracey go free in order to rescue Peter when he had both of them snatched up in the first place?!?). When Nathan arrives on the scene, Peter sneaks out from behind a tree.

At that moment, The Hunter and HRG - who were hiding in the bushes behind Nathan - train their guns on Peter. He grabs Nathan, absorbs his flying power and flies away. Tracey, though, is screwed again by Nathan - but not in the fun way this time. She's taken into custody.

The rest of the Heroes - minues a possible dead Daphne and a California-bound Claire - meet up. Mohinder, Hiro, Ando, Parkman and Mohinder look through the painting Matt drew via his Isaac-like powers. They seem to predict exciting events ahead, as this quintet vows to do whatever it takes to survive and get revenge.

Let's cover the Sylar storyline now: In a search for his father, he's apprehended a guard from his dad's empty house and has been torturing him inside the house up the block. In walks Mary and Luke Campbell, a mother and son that don't get along very well. Sylar makes them sit down and starts to torture the mother for information about the whereabouts of Sylar's father when Luke speaks up.

Sylar can read tell that he's a troubled child, when all of a sudden Luke breaks the coffee mug in Sylar's hand... from across the room! Sylar is intrigued. He has Luke show him what he can do, which apparently involves the power to melt things. As this is happening, the guard comes to life and reaches for his gun... but Luke actually steps in and kills him! His mother, of course, is freaked out by this - but Sylar looks to have made a new, scary friend.

The two of them set out to find Sylar's dad, as Luke says he knows where he is.

Here's how the episode ends: Nathan visits a bound Tracey. She screams at him, crying out, "you're one of us!" But it's too late. We see a tube placed in her nose, as Nathan urges her not to fight it. Is this the way of ridding Heroes of their abilities? Of killing them?

We'll find out next week!

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Heroes Season 3 Episode 15 Quotes

Tracey: Why would Nathan do this to us?
Peter: I don't know. But I'm gonna find a way to stop him.

Dad, what are you doing?