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After killing Akbari, Brody cleans the office as much as possible and gets out of the building before anyone finds the body. As he's at the gate of the compound, he used Akbari's gun that he took to force the driver through the gates in order to escape.

Carrie contacts Saul for extraction, but he wants proof that Brody followed through. Javadi confirms that Brody killed Akbari. Carrie and Brody meet up at a park and head to the safe house. Javadi wants Saul to give him Brody's location because he's been put in charge of the hunt for the assassin. He needs to get Brody in order to insure he replaces Akbari.

Saul considers it, but decides against turning on Brody. Carrie and Brody wait for the helicopter to come get them. Instead, they are ambushed by Javadi's forces. They take Brody and leave Carrie behind as Javadi originally promise. Carrie calls Saul and he's furious that his orders were disobeyed.

The President swore in Senator Lockhart early and on the President's orders gave up Brody. Saul's furious. Brody's set to be executed the next morning. Carrie is taken to see Javadi, but isn't able to convince him to save Brody. Instead, she's allowed a short call with him. Brody's ready to die. He asks her not to attend his hanging but she says she'll be there.

Brody's executed in public and  Carrie witnesses it.

Four months later, Carrie's unsure about her pregnancy. She's scared and doesn't think she'll be a good mother. She's given a prestigious post as Station Chief of Istanbul to help run Javadi. The Iranians opened up to nuclear inspectors and all sanctions were dropped. Saul's plan worked. He's now working the in the private sector in New York. 

Carrie asks Lockhart to put up a star for Brody, but he refuses. After the star ceremony, she adds one for him with a black marker.

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