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Aasar doesn't want the people to currently running his country to be running it.

Carrie just wants to get Peter home.

Back at the embassy, she exits the car before waiting for a sweep and walks in. There is a bus loading people up. 

Max had to cover for Carrie. He's not happy she was gone. She and her skeleton crew are shutting down the office. It's called the failure protocol. She wants to stop Peter before he gets himself killed. Everyone else wants to support him and help him find who did this to them.

Quinn is climbing over a security gate to someone's house. It's a blonde woman. She knows people are looking for him. She will help him. She still has some of his clothes in the drawer.

Max sneaks into a room and opens a safe, emptying it of money. Carrie comes in behind him, wondering what he has. She's notified every time someone opens a safe. He should know since he rebooted the system. Inside the bag is also a passport for Quinn.

Max cannot get over Fara's death. She was a financial analyst and Carrie brought her to this fucking place. If she can't bring her back, then he wants her to get Haqqani. She refuses to lose anyone else.

Quinn is getting a shower when there's a knock on the door. It's Carrie. He doesn't answer, but the woman he's with comes home just then. She lies to Carrie. She says she hasn't heard from him in months. Carrie says he's missing. Carrie wants to leave a message and sees the water on the floor. She's a CIA agent, after all.

The woman has aerial photos. He goes to her car and Carrie is waiting for him. She says it's a suicide mission if he's in Islamabad at all. She reads his face. He was stupid enough to come back here when she asked and he witnessed the slaughter of their colleagues and if she's lost her nerve, then she has to get our of his way. She has two men with her and he overpowers them. She grabs her by the throat. For once in her life, she needs to listen.

When Carrie gets back to the embassy, Max is standing by. Her sister Maggie called. Many times. She should call her.

Peter is looking hot in a cap spying on the area around Haqqani, trying to find a way in. As he sweeps the street, he takes photos of her surroundings.

Carrie's sister delivers the news her dad died last night. There was nothing anyone could do. It was a massive stroke. Carrie starts to break. Max knew and offers his apologies. 

When Carrie next talks to her sister, she wants to see Frannie. She has a full head of hair, but unfortunately looks just like her father.

Lockhart calls Carrie to offer his condolences. Lockhart can't believe Quinn is still missing. He wonders if she has heard anything. They're shopping around for his replacement and not sharing with him. She's not hearing anything either.

At the hospital, Kiran gets an envelope showing Aayan dead. Come to room 37. Quinn is there. She can't believe his uncle killed him. Quinn offers to show her the whole video. He wants to make Haqqani pay, but he needs her help.

Carrie goes to see the German lady about Quinn again. Carrie is convincing and is invited inside. Carrie wants to know if the woman is it for his support; her and her Volkswagon. Quinn has always wanted to get out, but every so often he will say he will and it makes him feel better. In her car, there is a bag of gloves and stuff... she helped Quinn build a bomb.

Quinn is building a pipe bomb (I think, being no expert on bomb making). There's the pipe! Yes! I see it now! I should have remembered from Love/Hate. Quinn has a photos of Aayan he's attaching the bomb to as a handle. Hmmm.

The ISI are chatting about the demonstrations. Tasneem doesn't seem to know what's going on. She threatens Aasar if something should happen to Haqqani. 

Carrie arrives at the demonstration. Peter loads his bomb into the sewer and tells Kiran it's time to go. People start to panic and such when the law starts pushing at them with their plastic shields. Everyone starts to run. Carrie is in the street. She can see Aasar as the crowd starts to dissipate. She picks up a sign to avoid detection.

People are stomping all over Quinn's bomb. He's lookin' fine from a remote location without his cap and coat, behind some lush green grass. He's watching with his camera. Carrie stops right near the bomb. I was afraid of that. Haqqani comes out of hiding and gets into a car. Peter prepares his detonator. Carrie is standing on a truck waiting to be seen. Quinn calls. What the fuck is she doing? He wants her to move the fuck away. He's completely surrounded and will never get away. She can't lose him. Haqqani's car rides over the bomb and the moment passes because she's standing there. 

Haqqani proceeds to walk on water through the crowd. She imagines him killing Aayan and pulls her gun out. Aasar is on the way. He stops her from doing it. That mother fucking F. Murray Abraham is in the car with Haqqani. Dal Adar is sleeping with the enemy!

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Homeland Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

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There was a Taliban flag waving over my head and I can't let that stand.