Homeland Season 7

Enjoying a Win - Homeland
"Species Jump"

On Homeland Season 7 Episode 6, Carrie finally gets to enjoy a win, while Wellington must deal with a problem, and Saul calls upon an old friend.

"Active Measures"

On Homeland Season 7 Episode 5, Keane makes a desperate plea, while Saul heads off to visit a source, and Carrie puts her plan in to motion.

"Like Bad at Things"

On The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 4, Saul's situation ends up going from bad to worse, while Carrie heads off to follow a new lead she's found.


On Homeland Season 7 Episode 3, Keane and Wellington disagree, while Saul begins a negotiation, and Carrie comes to a distressing realization.

"Rebel Rebel"

On Homeland Season 7 Episode 2, Wellington is determined to protect Keane, while Carrie ends up makeing a new discovery, while O'Keefe continues to broadcast.

"Enemy of the State"

On Homeland Season 7 Episode 1, Carrie and Franny are with Maggie's family in D.C, while Saul is in prison after the attempt on the President-elect's life.

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