Tracking a Jewel - Hooten and The Lady
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9 weeks after Hooten's blow up with Alex, he is in the jungles of Cambodia with a  boy name Jian, searching for a rare artifact in an ancient ruin.

They find the artifact and escape the ruin. Hooten gets a call from Lady Alex, and he tells her to leave him alone, Little does he know she is in Cambodia, trailing him.

Alex surprises Hooten and Jian, and they formulate a plan to retrieve the next artifact.

Mr. Scorpion is monitoring Hooten, and keeps track of their search.

Hooten, Alex, and Jian make their way to a temple in search of the next artifact, but encounter drug dealers who have found it first.

The drug dealers capture Hooten and Jian, but Alex rescues them.

In the chaos, Jian runs away with the artifact. Hooten and Alex search for him.

The drug dealers chase after Hooten and Alex, but are blown up in a mine field. Hooten and Alex are trapped in the middle of the mine field, but figure out a way to escape.

Hooten tells Alex about Mr. Scorpion, whose real name is Kane, and how he wants to flush him out to get revenge for Kane killing his wife and son.

Hooten and Alex reunite with Jian, and go about solving the puzzle of where the legendary city is Shambhala is located.

Hooten steals a balloon, and together they fly high to locate the city.

They find the location, which is a cave hidden behind a waterfall. Kane shows up in his helicopter, in hot pursuit.

Jian turns on Hooten and Alex. Turns out he is doing the bidding of Kane, who has leverage over Jian by threatening Jian's family.

Kane threatens to kill Alex unless Hooten finds the jewel. Hooten finds the jewel, and gives it to Kane.

Kane and Hooten fight, and Kane slips and falls into a deep pit of vipers and dies.

Lady Alex give the jewel to the museum in Cambodia, and they say their goodbyes to Jian. Alex gives her bosses the egg, and gets back in their good graces.








Hooten and The Lady
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Hooten and The Lady Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Hooten: Holy shit! Go Alex!
Lady Alex: Untie them. OK, what do I do? What do I do now?
Hooten: You're doing great.
Lady Alex: On my God, I think I'm going to be sick.

Lady Alex: I'm worried about you, Hooten. I mean genuinely concerned.
Hooten: Is this a guilt trip about leaving me in Russia? I thought that meant we were done.
Lady Alex: It was just a spat. It doesn't mean you have to disappear off the face of the planet.
Hooten: You're still pissed about the egg. I got a bit paranoid, I admit.
Lady Alex: Your friend was murdered, and now you're hiding out here in Cambodia.
Hooten: Can't a guy have a vacation?
Lady Alex: Shutting me out-lying about where you are, and now chasing something that doesn't even exist. A jewel that bestows immortality.
Hooten: You're right. I've lost it.
Lady Alex: Then why are you doing it?