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Houdini, Doyle, and Adelaide travel by ship to America. Adelaide hopes to gain answers about her husband’s murder and Harry is bringing his mother’s body back to New York. Also they are investigating the murder of Mr. Emmit Reid. Mrs. Clara Reid is accused of the killing but she says the poltergeist who is haunting their house killed him. Emmit Reid was seen hitting his wife in public. Also, Clara says that their one month old son recently died of influenza. 

The Turner family, the original residents of the home, all died tragically. Mr Turner killed his family and himself. Thomas Edison is involved with the case. He claims he has an invention that allows you to hear dead people. They think that Mr. Turner’s spirit may have killed Mr. Reid. 

As Houdini deals with his mother’s funeral, Doyle and Adelaide work the case but Houdini quickly decides to catch up with them. 

Later that night, Adelaide dreams that she speaks to her husband through the necrophone. When she wakes up, she sees a chair move on its own. Houdini thinks she was still dreaming until he and Doyle witness it move too. 

They hear the necrophone running. It recorded the words “Falcroft Point” which is the cliff where Mr. Turner killed himself. When they investigate they find Edison’s assistant, Mr. Avari, dead at the bottom of the cliff. Doyle thinks he was killed by the poltergeist. Houdini doesn’t agree but then he thinks he hears his mother’s voice on the necrophone. 

Adelaide checks in on Houdini and he realizes that she never sent the telegram to find out about her husband finding firearms because she fears the answers she’ll find. The two share a kiss but Doyle interrupts. Later Harry apologizes and says it won’t happen again. 

Doyle leads them to a secret room in the basement where they find a pool of blood, where they believe Avari was actually killed before being thrown off the cliff. Houdini also finds electromagnets he believes were used to move the chair in Adelaide’s room. 

They also find the baby’s grave in the basement. The boy didn’t die of influenza. The baby was murdered. Mr. Reid killed him after finding out that his wife had an affair. Turns out it was Mrs. Reid’s lover who killed her husband and Mr. Avari when he uncovered the truth.

When too many voices come through the necrophone all at once, Edison thinks he’s opened the gates of Hell and destroys it. Houdini thinks he destroyed it because it didn’t work but still longs to hear his mother.

Adelaide gets a telegram back from Mr Warbridge asking her to meet. When she gets there, she finds her late husband, Benjamin, is still alive. He was working as an agent and had to fake his death. He tells Adelaide to stop looking into the case before she is killed. He promises to close the case and come back to her. 

Harry goes to his mother’s grave to mourn her. He sees a mysterious woman he’s seen several times throughout the episode. 

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Houdini & Doyle Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

With the invention of the lightbulb I conquered the darkness; with the necrophone I shall conquer death.

Thomas Edison

In my absence, your job is to discredit every theory he comes up with.