A Demon Eyed Phantom - Houdini & Doyle
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A creature throws a man out a window.

The doorman tells the team that he saw a phantom. Houdini assumes the man was drunk and fell out the window.

They interview a man who admits he hated him, but denies killing him. They compare his handwriting to the note left for the Underhill, and it looks similar.

Doyle finds the attacks of the phantom come in waves and then suddenly disappear. 

A woman is attacked by the phantom, but is saved. She also had a disagreement with Tuttle. 

Houdini and Doyle go to check on Stratton, who they believe is sick, but she's not home. She returns home to find them snooping in her house.

Houdini discovers Tuttle's alibi that he was at a brothel and couldn't be the murderer.

Another man is attacked by the spring-heeled jack and impaled on a fence. He was a landlord who was paranoid.

Doyle follows Stratton home and she hits him over the head. He tells her he was worried about her. 

Doyle catches Houdini smoking opium and questions him about it. 

Kingsley screams and tells Doyle the spring-heele'd jack came to his window.

They track down a gymnast, who says he's not responsible. He's partially telling the truth, the man who hired him is the reporter. He says he didn't kill Underhill. 

Stratton is married. 

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Houdini & Doyle Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Houdini: You know it's okay to not be fine, right? You don't always have to keep that upper lip stiff.
Doyle: Infinitely preferable to wallowing in self pity.

Doyle: Oh, very understated.
Houdini: I know. It needs to be flashier. Come on, "His most incredible escape yet?"
Doyle: How about "death defying?"
Houdini: Ooh. Well done. You ought to consider writing.