Houdini & Doyle Season 1 Episode 3
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A man claiming to have healing powers from God puts on a display of healing a woman with a heart condition. A man in the audience doesn't believe him, and dies immediately after heckling him.

Houdini wants to prove that Downey is a fraud, Doyle believes he's a real healer. 

They interview the widow of the heckler who tells them they went to the show because they couldn't have a child.

Houdini heckles Downey at the funeral while Doyle and Stratton check the body. They find a rash that could mean he did die of natural causes.

They find other instances of non-believers being struck down after seeing Downey. Houdini believes its foul play on Downey's part.

They go to one of his shows where he heals a woman Stratton knows has been on crutches. Houdini starts vomiting and believes it's food poisoning.

Doyle asks Downey to heal his wife. It doesn't work, and Downey tells Doyle to have faith. Doyle prays for her and she wakes up.

Houdini still doesn't believe that Downey healed her. He finds that Doyle's wife was under an experimental treatment. Houdini is covered in boils. 

Doyle performs the autopsy on the heckler and a gas is released, knocking him unconscious. He confirms he was poisoned. 

They question his wife as a suspect. 

Houdini performs a trick and is unable to get out of it due to his illness. 

They prove that Downey's sister is the murderer.  She killed the non-believers so that others would believe in him. 

Houdini recovers from his illness. 

Doyle's wife slips back into unconsciousness. 






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Houdini & Doyle Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Here's a headline for you, people who go to faith healers are already sick.


Louisa: I must look a fright.
Doyle: You're the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.
Louisa: Then you need a haircut and spectacles.