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The patient of this week's episode was a genius that actually wanted to be dumb. How come? Because it allowed him to relate to his wife and to appreciate her a lot more. He claimed that being so smart was very lonely.

Hmmm... sound like any doctor we know?

This theme was emphasized a lot throughout the hour, as House's goal was to break up Lucas and Cuddy. However, his planned trip to her sister's house in order to ruin their Thanksgiving was thrown for a loop when Cuddy gave House the wrong address. She later pretended as though she and Lucas had broken up, but still told House to stay away.

However, House saw right through this ruse. He knew she was still with Lucas. It was a bit of a confusing game of back-and-forth, as Cuddy wants to be left alone, while House wants to prove he's actually a nice guy now. By the end of the episode, Cuddy acknowledged to Lucas that House is aware she lied and they are still together - but he's still gonna stop pursuing her. Lucas says, maybe House is a good guy for real now. Cuddy responds that that would be nice. But just how nice, Lisa?!?

Meanwhile, everyone was asking Chase how he was doing. To basically send them a message, he punched House in the nose after the doctor made a crack about Cameron. We doubt anyone will be bugging Chase again any time soon.

We also got a nice glimpse into Taub's home life. His wife was upset he's doing grunt work as a 40-year old man. But when Taub showed a pretend tough side, showing his wife a photo of House with a broken nose and claiming he did it, she jumped him on the couch.

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House Season 6 Episode 9 Quotes

Thirteen: Your life happy about that?
Taub: She's happy to cut back on some things... like sex.

I got all my starters back, plus a few high class free agents. I feel like Mike Tomlin.