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Cuddy's mother lands in the hospital this week, causing tension between her daughter and House, along with House and his team.

After our favorite doctor pisses Mrs. Cuddy off, she fires him as her doctor, which causes a problem when House disagrees with the diagnosis of the man who is brought in. This leads to a decision that's beyond unethical, even by House's standards: he convinces Cuddy to actually swap out the medication her mom is receiving via IV.

The move backfires, however, as Cuddy is forced to reveal what she did to her mom and the doctor. This prompts her mother to insist on changing hospitals, but House makes it clear to Cuddy that only he can save her. She proceeds to give her mom a speech about trust, talks her into staying and House does end up working his magic and saving his possibly future mother-in-law.


- Despite a threat from House to throw her out of med school (after he set her up to perform an illegal task, unbeknownst to her at the time), Masters tells Cuddy's mom's doctor after her boss' devious plan. This puts her at major odds with House, but ends up NOT firing her because he's impressed by her principled stand and he also needs someone to keep him in line.

- Taub's life continues to spiral out of control. Set up with a consulting job with his soon-to-be-former brother-in-law (an attorney), Taub jeopardizes the man's case by looking at an X-Ray and thinking the plaintiff may be more injured than others realize. Taub is mistaken in the end, which leads to a broken nose when his angry, quasi relative smashes his face into a urinal in response to how he messed with his settlement.

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House Season 7 Episode 11 Quotes

Arlene [to Cuddy]: If you're going to dress like an Italian hooker, at least let it be this year's Italian hooker.
Julia: She's not telling us we look fat. That's a major breakthrough.
Arlene: If you didn't want to be insulted, you wouldn't have invited me.

Arlene: You think I'm a hypochondriac?
House: Well, let me answer this way: maybe you're imagining that I think you're a hypochondriac.