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An Alzheimer's patient checks into the hospital with his dutiful wife, Natalie,  while House battles with Foreman for the upper hand in diagnostics.  Foreman must decide whether now is the best time to have House's ankle monitor removed, especially since House's power is seemingly limited with it on.  Meanwhile, we find out more about Chase's past including the fact that Chase has a sister that he's been out of touch with for years because she inherited her mother's alcoholism.

Additionally, House and Wilson make a hundred dollar bet on whether a clinic patient is really asexual, or if the lack of sexuality is from some medical condition that either she or her husband has. Turns out the husband has a tumor on his pituitary gland that inhibits him sexually and that the wife has been willing to forgo sex, knowing that she could be with him forever. 

This episode examines what Natalie is willing to sacrifice for a husband she loves and what she isn't willing to give up.  It turns out she is sleeping with one of his good friends, but still gave up the majority of her life work to care for her husband.  Her husband's condition fluctuates, but in the end, he is back to where he started, with Alzheimer's and accepting her vows of caring for him in sickness and in health.   

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House Season 8 Episode 9 Quotes

[reading a card from House] Cuddy Dark will waste his afternoon chasing conspiracy theories.

Dr. Adams

With great power, comes great micromanaging. And vests.