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A boy named Lue dreams of being choked has trouble breathing while awake.  House becomes interested in the case when he realizes that this young man is of Hmong decent.  As House and his team try and diagnose Lue, we find out that Lue's grandfather, Xang, believes in dark spirits and that Lue is possessed.  Throughout the episode, Xang tries to convince Lue's mother, Lida, of this which leads to him performing a ritualistic exorcism.  This leads to Lue getting better, but Dr. Adams also gave Lue some ibuprofen, which was supposed to help him as well.  Both Dr. Adams and Lida believe that they cured Lue's illness.

Meanwhile, Park has a sex dream about Chase and attempts to figure out if it has any real meaning while Chase claims it must mean nothing.  Then Chase dreams about Park and the two navigate the meaning of these dreams.  In the end, they acknowledge that they like one another, but that's it for now.

House continues to keep Dominika in the dark about her citizenship until the truth comes out just as they are starting to become intimate.  Dominika, totally betrayed by House, moves out immediately and House goes to Wilson for comfort only to find out Wilson has been diagnosed with cancer. 

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House Season 8 Episode 18 Quotes

Relax. I'm a doctor. Your spectacular breasts mean nothing to me.


For a moment I thought you were uncomfortable with Chase because you had a nocturnal Australian.