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This week, House has two mysteries to solve.   House's group mate from anger management doesn't know it yet, but House wants to help him find out why his son, Drew, died.  House argues that everyone needs answers, and this is the reason this man is in anger management to begin with.  House breaks his parole in order to get to the bottom of the mystery, disobeying Foreman at every turn, although we do see him conflicted about it at times.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, the team, plus a well-groomed Chase are trying to diagnose a 14 year old girl with bizarre symptoms.  Turns out she has Multiple Personalities Disorder brought on by an early trauma of believing she caused her father's death in a car accident.  We come to find out that Chase is playing a super Aussied-up pretty-boy doctor on television, but none of us know quite why he's doing it.  

Finally, House gets caught breaking his parole and Foreman must come to terms with how to manage/control House.  He gives him three times the amount of clinic hours Cuddy would, but doesn't send him back to jail, especially since House saved two lives by diagnosing the deceased child.  Even the 14 year old will end up being fine, as she was diagnosed with a cancer that mimics pregnancy. 


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House Season 8 Episode 7 Quotes

Park: Why would you lie about that?
Chase: To avoid conversations like this.

Death is a consequence, not a symptom.