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The patient on this week's House is a business man about to sell out to China in order for this business' success to continue.  We are witness to his struggle with his daughter and Dr. Adams over whether to keep the business in America or to bring it overseas with the potential for illegal child labor.  Additionally, a disciplinary hearing against Dr. Park is held this week after a bet was made with House for $100 over whether Park would be fired.  House does his best to get her fired, but in the end, it's his manipulative way of trying to get her to stay. 

After putting the patient in a coma, House realizes the cause of his ailments, wakes him up, and offers paperwork to him to bring his business to China.  Risking his relationship with his daughter, the patient signs on the dotted line and his daughter walks out on him.  In the end, House makes enough money to bring his department back and then some, encouraging Dr. Adams to take out her anger and pain from her husband's infidelity on the outer office used by other doctors at the hospital.  In slow motion, we see Dr. Adams destroy X-ray machines, a skeleton, and tables with House smiling in the background. 

Next week, Chase and Taub are back!

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House Season 8 Episode 4 Quotes

House: You're an irrational patriot. I'll put that another way: you're a patriot.

[said to Dr. Park] Oh, you don't want to bet me.