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Barney tricks Marshall into ditching the girls and going to a strip club with him, making up a origins of Chewbaca exhibit.  While there, the guys see a stripper that looks exactly like Lily.  We then are treated to seeing each member of the gang's twin including lesbian Robin and moustache Marshall.  Though Barney is convinced Robin will not mind he snuck off to a strip club, she does, while Marshall is scared of Lily who turns out to be excited to see a stripper version of herself.

Marshall admits to Lily he can only fantasize about her by killing her off in an elaborate way first in his fantasies.  She tells him she'd rather him fantasize about women and NOT kill her off, so she wants to go to the club and have him fantasize about strippper her.  The group (minus Ted) goes on a double date to the strip club where Lily goes nuts for the stripper version of her, throwing hundreds at her.  Lily even exchanges places with Jasmine (the stripper version) and goes on stage at the end.  Robin, meanwhile, is furious at Barney and says they need to have a serious talk.  Ironic.

Ted, meanwhile, spent the episode going on a blind date with a girl that he's already been on a blind date with seven years prior.  This time around, he's no longer sporting a goatee, but still takes her to the same spot and makes the same cheesy jokes.  That's when they realize they've already done this and they go over what each did wrong.  Ted?  Cheesy.  Jen?  Talked too much about her cats and ex-boyfriend.  But turns out the real problem?  Ted never called her for a second date.  Why?  Because he doesn't want to change and wants someone who will laugh at his puns.  Bye Jen, guess you're not the mother.

How I Met Your Mother
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How I Met Your Mother Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

Barney: Guess who got four tickets to the the origins of chewbaca exhibit?
Lily: Why?
Barney: No, I said who
Lily: I heard you
Robin: Isn't it a little early in our relationship to be doing things that would end our relationship?

Jen: We're going to die alone aren't we?
Ted: Well, you'll have your cats