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It’s Lily’s birthday and she doesn’t want Robin and Barney to sit next to each other because they aren’t going to ruin her memories. Lily already knows that this relationship will not last. 

The next year, it is her birthday again and Ted brings a date to her party. It is going very awkward because it is just the gang and his date is the outsider.  Lily tries to take a group photo before Ted’s date comes back.

Meanwhile, Robin notices that it is impossible for Barney to look bad in a picture. She tries to surprise photo attack him, but all the pictures creepily come out great.

As the group is going through Lily’s memory scrapbook, she points out that every time they have a important group photo one of Ted’s girlfriend’s of the week ruins it. This dates back to when they were even in college.

Ted tries to apologize to Lily by telling her for single people it is hard and that they are his family and it is important for him for them to like the new girl he is into.

Ted promises that she wont be in the group picture and to just give her a chance. His date comes out with the birthday cake she made him and it says happy 42nd birthday Lori on it. Lily looks like she is about to give her the, “you’re dead to me” look - but, it ends up being Marshall that does. He kicks her out and Ted follows.

Ted tells Lily that all their pictures are phony and posed. As they are looking through the album they get to the first one the three of them took together.  Lily realizes that she was the girl in Marshall’s life that maybe wouldn’t have worked out.  She tells Ted to run after her and bring her back.

They all get in a group picture and Robin tries to get Barney to take a bad picture, but it doesn’t work out.

The next year at Lily’s birthday, Ted is looking at the album unable to place last year’s dates name. They get ready to take a group picture and Robin spikes the dip with cilantro -  causing Barney to take a bad picture.

How I Met Your Mother
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How I Met Your Mother Season 5 Episode 18 Quotes

Let's take a little walk down random skank lane.


Ted, you were supposed to bring a cheesecake, but instead you bring two grocery bags and a woman we've never scene before.