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On the season six premiere...

- Ted sees a girl he likes at MacLaren’s, but a face from his past shows up and changes everything.

- Robin, still upset about her break up with Don, enters the bar down in the dumps and looking like she slept in one.

- Barney laments the end of summer and spends the night calling dibs on Ted's girl. Amidst a barrage of Barney-isms, he tells Robin she’s no Timberlake and there is no chance of bringing sexy back.

- Lilly and Marshal are trying to have a baby, but Marshal's relationship with his father makes for some early labor pains.

All of this is book ended by a flash forward to a wedding where Ted's is nervous about giving a toast at the ceremony. We learn that it is on this day that he meets his future wife.

How I Met Your Mother
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How I Met Your Mother Season 6 Episode 1 Quotes

Ted (sipping a beer): This is what church has been missing. Dude, you fixed Church!
Marshall: You're welcome, God.

Marshall: Beer be with you...
Ted: And also with you.