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Marshall finally makes it to town with a little help from the mother who picks him and Marvin up on the road. Back at the Farhampton Inn, a newcomer stirs up trouble between Lily and Robin and again with Ted and Barney. Lily finds out that Robin has been on Marshall's side, but only because she didn't want to lose her friend. Barney learns about Ted's plan to move to Chicago, but understands when he realizes why his friend needs a fresh start. We learn the name of the individual causing all the trouble is Darren, the lead singer of the wedding band. The band was originally started by the mother, only to have Darren take over the lead singer spot. Marshall urges her to take back what is hers when they arrive at the inn. Before she can confront the evil Darren, Ted punches him after their collision breaks a bottle of Scotch he stole for Barney. Lily is reunited with her finally and the two parents put their differences on pause to embrace.

How I Met Your Mother
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