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It's time for the wedding weekend on How I Met Your Mother. Ted and Lily meet Curtis the front desk clerk who feels sorry for the single Ted. Lily finds out about Marshall's travel dilemma. To cope with the possibility of spending the wedding weekend alone, she enlists the help of Linus the bartender. Marshall and the women from the plane Daphne, are forced to split the last rental car to get where they need to go. Barney upon hearing Marshall might not make it, tells the tale of the Stinson family curse. Barney thinks his brother James has lifted the curse by getting married. When Lily lets slip the news that James is actually getting divorced, Robin is worried how Barney will react. Ted sits at the bar by himself, while future Ted and the mother appear next to him and Ted recalls a promise he made to himself on that wedding weekend. 

How I Met Your Mother
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How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Episode 2 Quotes

Lily: Are you my guy Linus?
Linus: So you want the Kennedy package?

No Robin, I am not going to a strip club, especially right now. Can you imagine the day shift at the Crab Shed?